Monday, May 14, 2007

So unnatural

Hair is supposed to grow back. You can shave it, cut it, get it waxed off, or "nair" it, but it is supposed to grow back.

I have required my girl, as do most of us in this realm, to keep her cunt shaved bare. Recognizing the expense and labor involved in doing this, as well as being tantalized by the permanent body modification, i recently agreed to let her get it removed via laser treatment. A few days ago, she went in for her first session. The results are immediately evident. It's incredible! Smooth and perfect, unlike waxing or shaving where within the day you can feel stubble.

Since then, i'm hearing how my girl feels like she could become quite addicted to this practice, and that thought alone is very exciting - all body hair gone beneath her nostrils - but it was tempered by a reality that occured to me. I had one other girl who had her hair removed permanently, but she had had that done before she came into my life. This is the first one where i've been with her through the process. Every body modification i've imposed on my girl can, for all intents and purposes, be reversed. Even if the piercing is soldered shut, it can be removed. Same goes for a tattoo. You cannot, as far as i'm aware, regenerate hair once it has been electrolosized.

Playing with this idea, i thought to fool around with my girl a little bit.

"I've changed my mind. I think i want hair down there."

She looked at me with her jaw held wide open, crooked slightly to the left. "I can't reverse it."

"No? You can't just let it grow back?"


" That's pretty permanent."

A permanent modification. That will stimulate me for months.


{milla} said...

How did she find the process?

It's interesting to consider permanancy, so little in our society is permanent nowadays. I think in general we're petrified of something being unchangeable. I know that's why i struggle to make some decisions, they seem too permanent, I feel the other possible paths almost physically close down around me when i make a decision, I don't know if I explained that well.

So it's a very special and tangible thing to do something permanent for someone (and also for herself).

I would have drawn hair on with a permanent marker to get you back, but that's why i'm a bad sub :(


Deity said...

She said sometimes it burned, other times it felt like gusts of air against her skin. I consented to letting her take a vicadin, but for the next session, i don't think she'll need it.

I love that you would've drawn hair with a marker. I'd have looked at that and just cracked up.

Daddy's lil pig said...

i found this such an appealing post.

It is permanant...nothing can change it back. How hot is that?!

tattoos can be removed, marks heal, piercings can be taken out and never put in again..yet this is really forever.

i have found the daily shaving and use of creams to remove hair has it own erotic and mind shaping moments too..but this whole realization of true permanancy, never coming back, no way no how...just for an owner, has this pig thinking.

Deity said...

I asked the specialist who is removing the hair whether or not it could be reversed, and she confirmed it could not. A jolt of electricity popped in my groin when she said that.

Your likemindedness has me smiling.