Saturday, May 19, 2007

The rudiments of tightlacing

When i first proposed the idea to her that she swathe her torso in a custom-designed corset, she balked at the idea. She was accustomed to wearing jeans, tennis shoes and t-shirts that had the random logo of any number of indy rock bands she was listening to. She was absolutely cute in whatever she wore, but for my tastes, the look had to go.

I gave her the task of creating a complete catalogue of her wardrobe, down to her detailing the description of every single one of her 75+ pair of panties. After reviewing the list she gave me, i came back to her with a truncated collection of clothes that consisted of those she would be allowed to keep, and those she would be altruistically donating to the local Salvation Army. Her first comment upon receiving the list, i believe, took the tone of, "Are you fucking kidding?"

I wasn't. I knew exactly what i wanted. Obviously, pants were a thing of the past. But so too were 80% of her shoes. Even then, the hardest part to let go of were her t-shirts. She'd collected these silk-screened flimsies for years. They represented fond memories, proud achievements and bold statements of her adolescent development. I respected this. I truly did. But nonetheless, they had to go. They wouldn't work with what i had in mind.

"And why exactly would they not work?"

"T-shirts do not go with corsets."

I've had the pleasure of being a witness to a handful of girls donning a corset for the first time. I don't mean to simplify or diminish these experiences by suggesting that each girl's reaction was exactly the same, but, essentially, they were. They melted when they saw the final product after all of the tugging and tightening. Their hands went immediately to their new, contorted waist, as they stared at themselves in the mirror, striking a pose of heroically-charged sexuality. From this reaction, i hold the blunt-headed notion that all girls should wear corsets, understanding that it would not be just for their romantic counterparts.

I took my girl to the local fetish shop, which happened to stock a grand assortment of different sized, off-the-rack corsets (what, you don't have this in your town?). The rule of thumb with tightlacing is that you need to select one that is 4" smaller than your natural waist. As she was already teeny, the options in the 23"-sized constricters weren't all that enormous. We selected two very beautiful protoypes: a gorgeous 'Tiffany blue' LoveSick basque, and a red silk brocade Shane Aaron underbust. The clerk who was assisting, took us into the biggest dressing room i'd ever been in, and proceeded to ask my girl to disrobe. A normally modest filly, my girl quickly abandoned her clothes and let this complete stranger strap the rigid garment to her topless frame. In ten minutes, all of the soliciting i'd been doing in favor of corsets became useless. She saw and felt all she needed in order to help her with her decision. We ended up settling on the Shane Aaron design, but as is the case with tightlacing, we had to submit her measurements and select the fabric quality and color to the corsetiere (who resided in Las Vegas at the time), who would, in 6 weeks, handcraft a custom-made article of lingerie suitable for 23 hours of daily wear.

We are now approaching 3 years of my girl's waist training. We have, in that time, fine-tuned her regiment to where she is laced 8-10 hours a day (except when the humidity exceeds 70% and the air temp rises above 75 degrees F), reduces to a flattering 22" wasped shape, and have amassed a collection of 5 personalized garments she alternates between.

The thing that grabs me, despite years of coveting the corsetted female form, and accomodating its "normalcy" over the past few years, i never tire of the daily regiment of tightlacing. My girl has learned how to lace herself (a product of our living apart while corset training), but on certain days, either because a snag has developed in the mechanics, or because she just wants to be charitable, she will ask for my assistance. Turning her back to me, she will raise her hands and lean against a wall or doorframe, and without fail, as i tug and tug, i'm never able to walk away without a prominent statement of my arousal saluting this facet of our relationship.


jayne said...

Was reading this wearing a tight corset and it set me thinking to a couple of changes it creates. Now i have to bend my knees to pick things off the floor and dancing is a much more restrained activity. Have not had to wear it to work yet but think it might improve my posture at the desk.

Amber said...

What I love most about your blog, Deity, is that it gives me a glimpse of a dominant man and a submissive woman of a very different sort than us. Not better or worse - different.

Let me explain - it's a bit like 9 1/2 Weeks book but better - it gives me a glimpse of (what I think is) a white collar city life of a deviant couple - it gives me the glimpse of refinement, sophistication, erotic tension transmitted via clothing. It is hot. Hot to watch from the outside, because it's so different.

Obviously, we chose a different life style, and the one which we are very satisfied with, and I would take cutting up a deer in my red (but, ironically, waist-clinching) Carhartt overalls to walking about in a corset and heels any day, and this is what arouses my husband most. But I still absolutely love to peek into this different kind of life. Thank you.

Deity said...

i can honestly say i'm overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and unabashed praise.

It is with the deepest gratitude that i accept your compliments. I hope my take on my kink continues to delight.

Amber said...


I hope my praise is not becoming uncomfortable - it's just that indeed this is not my experience to come across a blog written by a man with such depth and so entertaining and moving. Hence, somewhat out of proportion enthusiasm, which I hope you will forgive.

To continue the city mouse/country mouse dialectic, I would like to present you with a blog post of mine that, I believe, shows in depth the delights of country kink - very different, but nevertheless delightful in the same way from of kink. It's this one here:

Again, thank you so much for the link, I am equally honored. I hope you can find a thing or two that will amuse you as well.

Deity said...

Not at all uncomfortable. I'm not sure if i'll ever be able to repay the overall impact of your compliment and mention. It has increased the traffic (if just temporarily) on this journal exponentially!

Thank you for the link to your post. Such a wonderful pastoral scene. I loved the fact that deer were present. It made a nice innocent complement and contrast to the act (and certainly the internal thoughts) happening at the same time.

I'm certain i'll enjoy, as i already have (especially all of the "backside" banter), your rural take on kink.

Thank you again.

J said...

please can someone tell me where to find the Shane Aaron Couture corset himself? i heard he has a website and would like to get hold of him. please someone help. this is urgent. thanks

Deity said...

What's the urgency? If he wanted to be contacted, you'd gather a simple Google search would yield his website. Yet, when i look (and undoubtedly when you do too) nothing comes up.

If you really need to get a hold of him, i would suggest you contact the good folks at Purple Passion:

J said...

the guy there doesnt want to help. he thinks i want to take his source from him. so please anyone who knows this guy let me know. shae aaron in philadelhia is the name. he makes excellent corsets. thanks