Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"Please button me up?"

I get this request from time to time from my girl. I love it when it happens.

At first she would try to do whatever she could to avoid asking, eventually begrudgingly giving in, usually with a shortness in her tone. Now, it's almost automatic, and her request takes on the sound of a song that makes me feel big and protective.

But, just to throw her off, i will temporarily increase the length of her nails, which causes her to have to adjust to a whole new daily impediment.


jayne said...

i have to ask my son to put on my jewellery for me. Have just broken a nail and am happy that my nails wil now be shorter for a week!!!!! It is amazing how helpless having long nails makes me.

Dahlia Rose said...

I've had to do this recently. It was very odd. I put the shirt on the first time without a problem, but when it came time to put it on the second time, suddenly, I was inept. Naturally, I had to ask my partner to button me up. I was a little embarrassed to have to ask, but my embarrassment disappeared when he buttoned me up without complaint or ridicule. I rather enjoyed being dressed.

Deity said...

what ever do you do when your partner isn't around?

i rather enjoy thinking about that.

Dahlia Rose said...

You enjoy thinking about me struggling without my partner? I suppose I can't claim to be surprised by that.

When my partner isn't around, I tend to wear shirts and sweaters that don't involve buttons. When I do choose something with buttons, it takes a bit of manipulation. Buttons aren't so bad; it's shoe buckles that are the devil. Those are hard to manage without nails. With nails, they're impossible!

It has occurred to me that if I want to keep my nails at this length or longer, then I might need to get a buttonhook and perhaps a few other small tools. Not only would that make it possible to dress myself, but it would probably help preserve my nails.