Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kitty's Response

One of the things I love about my man is his frankness, but sometimes it comes out the wrong way. In our relationship, I'm generally in charge of pleasantries like sending thank-you notes, remembering to bring a bottle of wine to a dinner party or offering drinks to guests the moment they enter our home. It's not that Deity is not thoughtful--I assure you, he is an incredibly generous person. But sometimes, his strong opinions trump his empathy and sensitivity.

Obviously, his last post was far from "rather benign" as he claimed in one of his responses to comments. It touched a nerve with many of you, and if I didn't know him better, it would have riled me too. For starters, he's not a woman. He doesn't walk through the world actually wearing the false eyelashes he so adores, and yes, they do take some getting used to, not to mention lots of practice. He doesn't wear a corset, walk in heels or put on makeup every morning, so from an outsider's perspective, his instructions and assertions as to how to do these things begs the question, "Where do you get off?" We do argue about this from time to time--I'm huffing and puffing up a few flights of stairs, he teases me, I shoot back with little patience that he's not the one with his ribcage forcibly compressed four and a half inches.

I explained this to him when discussing the responses to his post, and once I pointed out how his writing can read from a female perspective, he understood that, generally, women bristle at being told how to be feminine by a man, and explained that this was not his intention. He said, "But all I'm saying is do it the right way." I said, "What's the right way?" He answered, "Whatever looks best on you. Whatever you're happy with. I just don't like sloppiness."
And that's what I think is missing from his post. Ultimately, he doesn't mean that everyone should go for a 1950s look or wear false eyelashes, a corset and heels every day. (I certainly don't. I think I would be blind and have tendonitis if I did.) What he is really railing against is women who take no pride in their personal appearance, and who forget that part of the reason for taking care of yourself is so that you feel good.

If your heels give you great pain and are making you walk uncomfortably, take them off; they're clearly not working for you. If you're not adept at putting on makeup and don't care to wear it, or practice at it, then don't. It's not you. When undressing, it is a little more fun to do this simple task in a way that makes you feel good--whether you're working it slowly or are more of a bodice-ripper type. If you're going to do something, anything, it's worth putting some effort into it to do it well and bring you happiness. As for the corset part, I think it is part of his fantasy that he knows how to do this better than me. He doesn't, because I know when it feels right, and I have years of practice. But for most people, someone else--their partner?--is the one lacing them on the special occasion that calls for a corset. (You can probably guess that that was the section which had me stop and take a deep breath for patience).

Of all the generalized, blanket statements Deity makes explicitly in his post, the implicit one that is clear to me as someone who knows him well, is that this all comes back to his belief that men and women alike should strive every day to add some beauty to the world. I feel safe saying that most people are at their best when they feel their best, and are making purposeful choices about themselves and how they act, and I know Deity agrees with me. This is the point that is lost when we, as women, read his post and hear yet another man telling us how to act. Too many women have heard that for most of their lives. By no means do I intend to suggest that those who were offended have no right to feel offended, I only wish to offer that there may have been a miscommunication. Deity's been writing this blog for years, and this one post is but an aberration from his otherwise articulate writings.

(Another point: Try not to take him so seriously. He gets off on being cheeky. Case in point: His blogger name is meant as a joke.)

--Kitty du Vert


doll said...

Ahh but Kitty it is great to see more than just pats on the back for his great writing and it is wonderful to see that submissive women bite, that we have intense passion lurking under our benign exteriors.

goodgirl said...


As one who actually believes she understood where Deity was coming from, (even though his words prickled my sensitive sou), I think the way you have articulated his sentiments absolutely comes across far more encouraging and gentle.

I have been an interested reader of Deity' virtual corner and although he and I have come head to head at times I always respect Deity's views.

I believe this particular entry created such commotion because it did indeed feel as though yet another man was telling women how to be feminine. I think in general women become tired of being told they are not okay just the way they are and I believe that is exactly how many women perceived this entry.

I dare not assume I know Deity; however, what I have come to learn is that Deity takes great pleasure from beauty and truly wishes that everyone simply take pride in who he/she is. To be the best he/she possibly can be.

Thank you for sharing your views. I do hope that they bring new awareness and ideas to those who were disappointed with this entry.

I look forward to more of Deity's writing and perhaps you will share a little more on here as well.


Kitty du Vert said...

doll--yes, it is good to see. in my opinion, he has had it way too easy! (here comes a spanking for that one. totally worth it.)

goodgirl--glad to hear he (we?) did not lose your readership. it's always great to hear from you.

Vesta said...

Kitty: It is lovely to read your perspective here. I think what is clear is that there is no perfect person but there can be perfect unions, and you and Deity seem so perfect for one another; balancing one another.

Having said that, I admit I feel the dissenting voice. I think Deity is actually just about right the way he is, the way he writes, and the things he says. It is his ability to speak his mind, popular or not, that I most admire. In his post, I had visions of him actually stopping a girl to help her with his walk, and even though he would be unlikely to do so, just the thought of it made me smile.

People have been reading here for years, as you say, and frankly, I think they do that because his ability to stand away from the crowd and say it his way is refreshing. Submissive women, in their heart of hearts want nothing less, surely.

Enjoy your spanking! LOL

sera said...

I felt rather terrible about the cranky way I expressed my ideas in the comments to the last post, so first, apologies. Second, I thought this was really delightful to read. This might sound weird, but I always find Kitty really bright and witty, which I think reflects incredibly well on Deity. And also, whenever he writes about her, it's full of a lot of love and respect, which I also like.

As for being a somewhat cheeky person whose thoughts sometimes come out the wrong way--I can relate. ;o)

I very much agree with the overall point as you express it, which is that people should find, and express, what's beautiful in themselves.

Thanks to both of you.

Marie 'entrain said...

I have to say, I found Deity's post very amusing not offensive. Probably because I do not offend easily and because the same things that drive me crazy bother him as well.
But, for everyone who got a little ruffled, its a good thing that Deity had you to smooth the waters a tad for him.