Sunday, November 15, 2009

Medium well done

The media

In some ways, it's responsible for framing my approach to my kink (some might even say it's responsible for the formation of it - fine, i'll allow that). Whether it's from viewing Popeye cartoons at a young age that involved Bluto kidnapping the hapless Olive, only to offer us brief scenes of her torture, then interrupted by the hero's spinach-laden rescue or the climactic finale of Young Sherlock Holmes where the adolescent gumshoe, in the nick of time, saves a mummified damsel from her waxy entombment - my introduction to the abduction of the female as a way to interact and commute with her came from this artificial construction.

I didn't know what i was seeing. In my real life, i wasn't seeing actual evidence of any kinky proclivities from the flesh and blood around me. There is no doubt that the media i encountered had a major impact on my sexuality. A certain image stimulated a part of my brain that up until that point was just agitated, an itch i couldn't scratch. But once it saw this image of a beautiful girl bound tightly by rope - ahhhhhh, relief! Suddenly, a visceral connection is made between my internal, secretive appetites and those broadcast through a wider medium of others. When i would encounter these familiar scenarios as a teen (again not in real life, but usually through a magazine or film), my mind made a pleasant association with the image before me, further reinforcing the hope that this kink of mine may someday be savored.

Because i am an animal with appetites, once i learned that there was a source for the kind of sustenance my lust required - the media - very soon, that was where i directed a great deal of my time and energy. But here is where it gets skewed. Since i was not producing any media (except for the written word, which is mostly all you encounter here), i was merely a consumer of what was available (still to this day, they have not made the erotic movie that i'd deign to make if i had the proper funds). Over time, the unabashed consumer will find their appetites and desires altered, reformed to fit the flow of consumable materials. So to was the case for me. I found myself aroused by things i never expected to be stimulated by, and after awhile, it became difficult to clearly delineate what were my own native impulses from those implanted by the media i voraciously consumed.

When i finally decided to create this site, i realized i was making an active step to participate in the very realm that forged my own internal desires. I contribute to it here by sharing my words and posting photos/videos that illustrate my point of view - but that's just it, they are just my points of view. I am just one (highly opinionated) man with a particular bent on the world that occupies a rather small corner of the kinky blogosphere. I cannot compete with the onslaught of images and stories that other high-profiled, commercially-focused and well-financed put out - nor do i ever intend to try to compete with this, but i recognize that i occupy a spot in the constant, unending stream. Even though, recently, me and my girl embarked on the exciting endeavor of actually creating media (photos specifically) of a professional nature (already, we've made it into a few publications), our transmission is a mere trifle compared to the largest and loudest voices out there.

It should also be stated that i continue to view SM media constantly, repeatedly, and emphatically. It is a daily treat for me - one in which i'm able to shut down when i realize i've wasted too much time plundering through the digital channels. One thing to note, however, is that the media is persistent and non-stop. We're under a constant barrage of imagery and motion that attempt to reinforce and stimulate deeply held fascinations of the opposite sex and the erotic theatre (for largely profitable enterprises), and it's up to us to decide what we're willing to let influence our psychology, and what we're willing to toss into the trash.


Possession said...

Little by little, i've been coming to this very realization in my own life and version of kink. It's been there forever in the scenes that appealed to me, but the little naive me never really understood why. Yesterday, i showed M the movie "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" with Kevin Costner, which He'd never seen.

The scene that had resonated with me time and again - one that appealed to an inner self that for years i didn't understand - did not involve the hero, but was one in which the Sheriff had a half naked wench in his bedchamber. In the scene, he was speaking with his cousin and seemingly ignoring the girl. She shyly pulled up on the robe that was surrounding her and he turned and demanded "Who told you to cover up?"

Only this week did i finally put together why i loved that scene and that one little line so much.

Vesta said...

I wasn't a big cartoon person, but I did enjoy 'Popeye'. Many years later, when my husband tied me up in the same way as Popeye tied Olive Oil, I realized why.

But, the moment I remember most, from my early childhood, came in a scene from 'Bonanza' (I think it was called.) The gorgeous daughter (maybe 18) was being just a bit too feisty and rude, so the man took her off the horse, gave her a sound spanking and then put her back on the horse and sent her away.

Oh, man! That really got my attention. I wasn't a big fan of the show but I kept watching, week after week,hoping that he'd do it again.

I've no idea how much impact media had on me as a whole, but I also remember that Gidget's father once said that she'd be feeling the back of her hairbrush if she ever did something or other again. I was totally intrigued.

I could go on...

Deity said...

I remember that very scene from when i was a teenager watching that film in the theatres. I overall just really liked that character (played by Alan Rickman), but especially liked that scene. Thank you for reminding me of it.

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