Saturday, December 6, 2008


Stripes that stretch across the rounded canvass
whose edges flare with thick crimson dimension
end suddenly
stopping as if to invite question of their origin
but, there is no doubt where these slashes
came from
in their heat, in their violence
there is no doubt
Only signals that tell the mind why their
throbbing justice lives so locally.


Anonymous said...

so very very lovely...


oatmeal girl said...

"throbbing justice"

this phrase echoes through me like the cane's burrowing pain...

Deity said...

how interesting is that name? can you explain its meaning?

i'm sorry about your recent troubles. my deepest apologies.

oatmeal girl said...

thank you, Deity. are you apologizing on behalf of sadists the whole world over?

just joking, really... however much your writing may at times have scared me, i've always felt you were, at core, trustworthy. and i continue to learn from you.