Saturday, November 29, 2008

After all things must come beauty

I'm an incredibly sappy and nostalgic individual. I do not shy away from this fact here or in my everyday life. The number one edict in my home - above the establishment of stringent roles between me and my girl, and before the enforcement of rules that stem from those roles - is that at the end of everything, let the pursuit of beauty dictate the day.

So much in this world that confronts us these days serves only to break us down emotionally and psychologically. Our global financial crisis daily reveals that the search for the bottom will be difficult and uncertain. Violence rages across every continent - the kind that makes absolutely no sense when viewed either firsthand or through the lens of media. I sense a grand ennui, a heavy weight of dread and helplessness in everyone i encounter. There is little any of us individually can do to address these macro-level dilemmas, which when realized exacerbates the state of vulnerability we feel. What most people will do to avoid the continual bombardment of images and news reports of our doom is escape into fantasy, fluff and mindlessness. I understand this, but i don't believe it is the most adequate way to survive the drudgery. Seeking, pursuing, and celebrating the beauty in all things will provide the sincerest enrichment to our souls.

One of the finest examples of this that i can present to my readers is the film "Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain" (known in English as simply "Amelie"). I have myriad reasons for adoring this flick (chief among them that it is responsible for me finding my girl), and have watched it well over 30 times since i first viewed it in the theatres if just to remind me what it is like to admire the small, nuanced and often hidden beauty in everything. I share this trailer made by a fellow fan and invite those of you who have not seen it to treat yourself and give the full movie a chance.


Eliot said...

Amelie is a very beautiful movie. I really need to get a copy on DVD.

Dragonfly said...

One of my absolute favorite movies of all time! It is quite beautiful on many levels, a wonderful indulgence of the senses...

Anonymous said...

it is my very favorite movie ever. i never get tired of watching it. and i always feel particularly proud because i found it one day in an independent movie theater in pittsburgh (of all places) and i knew nothing about it but went to see it anyway, all by myself, and i knew right then that i was in love.

littlegirl said...

this is also one of my very favorite movies ever. along with "lost in translation," "amelie" touched my spirit in ways that few films ever have. there is, as you point out, such beauty in the film, but even more important (to me) is the joy with which the beauty is surrounded. a true celebration of the wonder of life.

Deity said...

Get me one too, i've practically worn out my original copy.

I have a dear friend who lives 3 blocks from Amelie's cafe. My girl and i got the wonderful opportunity to borrow his apartment for a week. It was sublime.

(i hope this isn't the last time i see you commenting)

I'm a huge fan of Jean-Jacques Jeunet, the director from his earlier films (yes, even Alien Resurrection), so i was anxiously waiting the delivery of this one. Didn't disappoint in the slightest.

why is it not surprising the child-like aspect of joy would be the most important to you?

selkie said...

I had, of course, heard of it -but the little taste has intrigued as well as your delight - I'm goign to look for a copy.