Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Garden

There lay a field, open and fertile, just over the hill and beyond the very old maple tree. One day, two individuals came upon this plot, separately and on their own. Each looked upon the earth that lay partially in the shade of the very old maple, and felt the urgency of potential emanating from beneath their feet.

In a very short time, the man found that the woman saw the land the very same way he did. She too wanted to plant and turn the dirt underneath. He discovered that much of the crops she wanted to grow were the same exact ones he wanted. She learned that some of the vegetation he specialized in very nicely complemented some of the vegetation in which she specialized. They could hardly contain their excitement underneath the tranquil shadow of the very old maple. The very next day, they began to build their garden.

He turned the earth with a shovel, and she followed behind him gently placing the various seeds of their intended crops into the terrestrial womb. After a few day's work, they'd planted every assortment of vegetable and fruit they'd chosen. Each day, they came back and watered the ground with great care, taking pleasure in the excitement of anticipation. When the first sprouts appeared, they held eachother jubilantly, humbled by the process of creation. For the next few months, each day, they tended to that garden, removing any weeds or pests that might endanger their product. They marveled at the transformation of this little piece of land with each growing stalk and bulging bulb. Occasionally, the joy of their effort would overcome them, and he would grab her and roll around in the dirt, playfully laughing and and tickling her.

Finally, the Fall arrived. Everywhere they looked, a tremendous diversity of color and shape greeted them, sounding out the full song of their harvest. The week that followed, they picked, pulled and tugged every ripe vegetable and fruit they could find, until they had a tremendous flora bounty. From this cornucopia, they were able to create great feasts for eachother and their loved ones. With each savory bite, they gave thanks for the product of their hard work and partnership.

What followed could take many paths. They could continue to put in great labor tending to this garden beneath the old maple tree that would over time not require as much labor as it did initially, and would continue to provide them with a bountiful yield year-long. Or they could dedicate themselves to the joint effort for a few years, but over time petering out, leaving the garden to fall to neglect and abandonment. Eventually, the earth would reclaim this land from them, and over time present itself to others. Regardless of what path they chose, there would be times this garden would not produce a single plant. There would be years where portions of it would need to lie dormant and fallow. But, all of these would be followed by a period where great output could be assured. As long as the two individuals who came upon this plot so many years before remained dedicated to their joint pledge to care, tend and love this garden, there existed no reason the very old maple tree wouldn't witness the continual beauty of fruit's bearing.


Anonymous said...

And that's how you sucessfully grow and tend to a relationship, whether it be D/s or any other. They will all have fallow periods, but will bloom and produce again with tender care. Just beautiful, thank you Deity.

Mae said...

I know I haven't commented in a while. Just recently caught up with your blog again. This post is beautiful, a story book dream. I wanted to share something similar, though not exactly related to this post.

The following link should take you to a 3D Animation project that I enjoyed and hope will be appreciated here:

Sorry to have stayed away so long Deity,

Kitty du Vert said...

i love you.

Deity said...

i should like to think that this is applicable to all types of relationships.

where ya been? welcome back, thanks for the video.

i love you too, baby.