Friday, September 19, 2008

Deity's ode to

I am an unabashed fan of this site, and i have mentioned it and my affection for long, fake fingernails a few times before. It took me awhile to admit this to myself, let alone anyone else. I remember doing so for the first time on this portal and still feeling a little vulnerable about declaring my love for these freakishly long unguils. But, i've found myself going to so frequently these past few days, that i cannot hold in my love for it. I invite others to travel over there and see the beautiful models they've assembled.

In looking for more OurNails girls online, i've found a TROVE of replicated digitized doubles that will serve as the body of my ode to them. Without further ado:

Ode to

Here's to them having their own YouTube channel.

Here's to them letting Cassandra pop balloons on

Hip-hip hooray to their MySpace page!

And let us raise a glass to the slideshow that landed me the caketopper to this post (yes, i've watched it easily over 10 times).

Thank you, OurNails. You nails it every time.


doll said...

I still find it amazing how nails curve as they grow.

Having longer nails is slowly bringing me to the conclusion that I need a submissive male to do all the chores I can no longer do. I am too cheapskate to pay for a cleaner and gardener!

Deity said...

why a submissive male and not a girl? poor thing, must be so hard with the nails...