Sunday, September 28, 2008

My cloud

I'm a huge fan of 'cloud tags', as evidence by my 'Lures' in the right sidebar. I was able to take my current slate of entries and parse them through Wordle's services, creating the above word cloud. The larger the word, the greater instance of its occurrence in the posts that appear on my homepage.

With that said, i'm particularly proud of the most prominent and largest term featured on "transformher.blogspot":


Makes me proud. Check it out, and have fun making clouds from your own favorite sites.

**I would not be embarrassed if those of you out there chose one of your favorite "Lustful Demise" posts and made a wordle cloud out of it (and sharing it with me discreetly, should you prefer). I'd like to see the visualization, but i'd also like to know which posts you kind folks respond to the most.**

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