Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What sites have you memorized?

Just about anything Gord does triggers something in me. I just wished he'd be quiet sometimes.

This was one of my first finds many, many years ago. Mind control/behavior modification remains one of my biggest drugs.

In it's glory day, PD had the capacity to wreck my entire view on the world - in a good way.

When i found this one, the contrast of cute and wrong took up a nice place in my evening stew.

This is my girl's favorite site. Well, second favorite. Finally, someone put their peanut butter in my chocolate.

Gulp! I may be alone in enjoying this one. They look so cripplingly beautiful, don't they?

Another early find. I'm not a man who gets incredibly aroused by seeing two girls going at it, but mix in some bizarre latex, and i'm willing to give in.

THIS is my girl's favorite site, i think for obvious reasons. She is the grande dame of so many of my fantasies. It's through her i learned the term "tightlacing".

This was once called "bimboslutz.com". The new name came from one of the more popular stories in the archive. This is one area i have yet to touch upon in this bjou. Don't worry, i'm brewing up quite the post on this "wheelhouse" of mine.

I swear it's not a cop-out post. It's a project, of sorts. I genuinely am interested to see what other sites people frequent as a way to define their own particular kink, if not also a way to introduce some of my favorites to someone who hasn't encountered them (i love to infect). I'm sure i've forgotten one or two of my absolute favorites but count on some of you to most certainly fill in the gaps.


wicked kitten said...

thank you so much for these links! i cant wait to go through them all

Miss Frans wickedkitten

Anonymous said...

gosh, i only read blogs now, and i think you frequent most of the same ones that i do. before i got into blogs i used to do all my exploring through www.spankingclassics.com, which is a spanking storyboard and discussion board.

i'm sorry i can't add anything interesting here! i tend to find an area i like and stick with it. i'm almost afraid to click on your links but i will have to try to work up to it. :)

padme amidala said...

Looks like a wonderful list to go through. I like sex and submission also.
I've been looking at Punished Brats a lot lately and got some DVD's sent to me from their editor. They are really turning me on and I'm enjoying their site a lot.
Really neat blog! It's my first time here...
padme amidala

Deity said...

ms. kitten,
You are quite welcome. I'd love to hear if any piqued a new interest.

i think saying that you've turned to blogs (which i imagine you do so for their interaction and contacts they create) instead of websites is quite interesting.

Be a big girl and click on the list of links the nice old man has given you.

how wonderful of you to come by. Hope you find something of interest.
I've been "mildly" obsessed with Natalie Portman since her "Professional" days, so now i get the pleasure of having her likeness on my comments page. Thank you for that, and your own wonderful site.

Amber said...

Sorry if this appears twice - I also like sexandsubmission and other sites of that family, as well as Lupus Pictures (very East European, always cracks me up) and Girls Boarding School. Although now that I am more into BDSM I stopped looking at the last two (and the I wear my chain a lot more than my burgundy school uniform).

By the way, my husband met Natalie Portman at Harvard when he visited his college buddies she was hanging out with (when he considered going there), and I asked what she was like, he said "very small". Tactful, ain't he.

Deity said...

sex and submission is just a perfect site. I've also enjoyed their waterbondage, although, for my tastes, too much girl on girl stuff.

Ms. Portman is teeny. When i met her, i felt an instant need to hold her, and to make sure she remained safe.

Amber said...

Hehe, I don't like girl on girl either! Some things are a man's job...