Sunday, July 13, 2008


Today, as i sat next to you on the train hurtling us back to our daily lives, our fingers interwoven, i pushed my palm into yours, then my forearm, then my elbow. A flash of an image came to my head.

Standing behind you in the hallway, pushing my body into yours.
Rubbing up and down, up your backside. Pinning you against the wall.
You pushing back. Your pelvis arching into my groin.
Our bodies driven by an intense magnetic force. Pushing us closer.
We move to a flat surface. Me still behind you. I want to press my very being into you.
I want to remove any physical distance that exists between us. I want to make distance small.
I want to combine us, shove into each other, stab, penetrate.
Our moans correspond. Our gasps sing in harmony.
We make ourself smaller, compact.
Combining, frantically.


Anonymous said...


As always, your words are so beautifully put. Such imagery makes me somewhat restless! Even more intense and gratifying, if somewhat scary, is when minds intertwine. Knowing that my Master has a home inside my heart and body, but also inhabits my head is more erotic than anything... I'm sure you understand.

Thank you,

dark_lotus said...

amazing to me, ive been in those thoughts of being 'one' with another..needing that kind of closeness.

Deity said...

blue eyes,
i do understand and thank you for your kind words.

and once you're there, you feel nothing could ever feel so complete.