Thursday, October 25, 2007


In the spring of Seventeen Hundred and Seventy Four, Franz Anton Mesmer, a physician in Vienna, gave a female patient a compound heavy with iron to swallow. Once administered, Dr. Mesmer then attached several magnets to her body, in hopes of achieving some breakthrough in the treatment of blood diseases. The patient reported feeling a heavy flow of energy from one side of her body to the other. Mesmer dismissed the magnets as causing the effect and theorized the existence of something he called "magnétisme animal", or what we have come to know as animal magnetism. With this discovery, Franz Anton had set forth the foundations for (and became largely considered the "father of") what would become the often controversial but nonetheless staggeringly intriguing field of Hypnosis.

I suffered a great deal of anxiety as a child. I internalized the world's problems, believing i had power to affect and alter the course of human events. This resulted in episodes of near crippling stress whenever i read the headlines in newspapers about human (or animal) turmoil three continents away. My mother, in an attempt to intervene in my crusade to save the world, enrolled me in a cadre of classes at a nearby community college - all meant to provide me with coping skills for my near-Messiah complex. One of those courses was on Self-Hypnosis, believed to provide a stress relief. At this early age, i learned how to slowly move my body and then mind in and out of a subconscious trance. I mastered this skill so well that i was able to leave my body for large swathes of time with very little prep work - even in broad daylight, with my eyes open, amidst normal routines.

I practiced this skill off and on fairly regularly, but always on myself. I was the perfect guinea pig, exploring my mental mores and frontiers, indulging in the endless, freeing possibilities a mind unshackled by a body presented. One time, during a typically restless, teenaged evening, it came up with the group of friends i was hanging out that i knew hypnosis. With a great deal of peer pressure, but larger amounts of admiration, i was talked into hypnotizing one of the girls in our party.

I sat her in a comfortable chair, telling her to relax, lean back, and place her hands - palms down - on her thighs. I softly conjured up many visualizations that pulled her, rather quickly, into a deep trance. At this familiar point, i could see that her mental faculties had freed themselves from her corporal limits. Before us, the girl had turned into a free-floating object, presenting a unique opportunity that years of auto-induction had never revealed. A very familiar hunger that i'd began to identify at this time in other situations arose - one of strict and marauding control. Allowing myself to feel like i could command such a gigantic responsibility was the biggest mistake i've ever made with regards to hypnotizing someone. I did not possess the skills to modify her mental state and bring her back safely and comfortably. The whole process blew up horribly in our face, climaxing in us rushing her to the emergency room for fear that she would harm herself in a fit of mental chaos.

It would be many years before i let myself indulge in any hypnotic trials. In the intervening years, i found myself gravitating to a fantasy wherein a girl would be subjected to intense mind control, fed with all sorts of suggestions that would transform her into a mindless, objectified fucktoy. The exact point that lit the pilot flame of my desire was the conversion the girl experienced when the implanted desires suddenly became her own. This mimicked the same free-floating state i'd visited many times on myself, and, a few times, on others. It was the transfer from being in control to ceding control, letting it overcome you, alter you, resurrect you.

In my quest to fulfill this voracious appetite for mind control, i've encountered so many sites that sadden me on the small end to boiling me with outrage on the large end. How people can take such a frivolous approach to hypnosis, i'll never understand. But what's worse are those who seek this kind of domination, believing that what they see on these crackpot sites is possible. By just listening to these subliminal mp3s, you can release your inner, uninhibited slut.

I only pull out my arsenal of mind-control techniques on someone who trusts me and places in my hands their very well-being, with the knowledge that i'll safeguard this more than i'll pursue my own devious fantasies. Anything less would be mindblowing,


littlegirl said...

i have such huge mind control fantasies, that just reading about you, bravely hypnotizing your first girl, had me mesmerized. like you, i have found the information on the subject rather disappointing, although there are quite a few wonderful pieces of erotica about girls being transformed in this way. that disparity is why i've concluded that this is another one of my "better in my fantasy than in real life" desires. i know you generally don't believe in those, but for me, this one seems to qualify.


milla said...

I listened once to one of those and had a bit of a snicker-fest. The guy was hilarious. The hypnosis you describe, and i'm sure is real, is obviously on an astoundingly different level and hopefully won't have someone acting like a chicken. Unless of course that pleases you. Hmm.

Excellent post, I feel your best for a while (aren't you happy that your readers indulge in our careful literary criticism.) Very interesting to read and very seductive to consider.


Deity said...

i recall your post about mind-control stories. a very enjoyable post.

i think there are ways to achieve an hypnotic state and behavior modification without going to the extremes that even the most deliciously penned hypno-fetish stories do. simply grasping the flow of energy between a top and bottom is enough to achieve a trance-like starting point.

i wouldn't want to make a girl cluck like a chicken. However, there have been other moments where i've been able to bring out other kindred animal personas and treat the girl like the pet they've often fantasized about being.

Venus said...

"Near-Messiah complex" How brave of you to admit that, most of us wouldn't. While this post focuses more on mind control, I identify more with your complex and your uncanny ability to self-hypnotize. My desire to learn such things is beyond description.

oatmeal girl said...

oddly, i've held back from commenting on this post. odd, since i am extremely susceptible to suggestion, which i think contributes to my being so submissive, to falling so readily into a very submissive state of mind, and to disappearing so thoroughly and satisfyingly into the e-mail and phone interactions that a long-distance relationship requires.

i had a case of ptsd once, with accompanying flashbacks. it disappeared after just one session with a hypnotherapist. i also have worked with self-hypnosis and relaxation, for migraines, and find it to be a very simple and enjoyable process. there's this wonderful floating sensation... rather like when the man who owns and loves me starts to bind my body with hemp rope... you can see it in my eyes in the photos.. i'm utterly relaxed, floaty, not quite there... and very obedient.