Wednesday, October 10, 2007


In the climax of Sam Raimi's first Spiderman installment, we find our hero hanging from the 59th Street bridge in New York City faced with an incredibly mortifying decision. In his outstretched arm hangs the severed tramway cable that the arch-villain has cut, putting at risk the lives of the school children who are shrieking in fear within the dangling car. Back in the arch-villain's hand hovering overhead, the hero's fair maiden who he has secretly loved his entire, modest and chivalrous young life, screams for his aid - the evil menace threatens to drop her hundreds of feet into the rushing river below. The hero must make a choice: the lives of the children or the life of his muse.

I adore this conflict. Simply adore it, although, i'd replace the children with dozens of young golden lab puppies just to turn the screw a little more. My reaction to this scene follows a similar pattern that i have managed my entire life:

i always root for the bad guy

In all things, i've consistently found a connection to the most ruthless characters in the scenario. I rooted for Captain Nemo in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I experienced a fealty to his rage, his disgust and his contempt for the malodorous sides of humanity (which he ultimately saw in himself - something he could never excuse or rid himself of the guilt, causing him the most pain). I found the evil characters more interesting, more complex. The good guys just did...good, but more importantly, they stopped the evil from happening. Whereas, the dark figure labored, schemed, plotted, calculated, and used their evil genius brain to come up with some awful calamity meant to confound the simple minds of the 'men in white'. Faced with the mother lode of exposition, the malevolent ones had in their arsenal the most deliciously sadistic and beautiful device: the predicament.

To place a girl in a situation where she must endure pain, and endure it without any way to rectify it is cruel. But to put her in a position where she can choose to shift her body in such a way that she alleviates pain in her feet only to transfer an equal amount of pain, if not greater, to her shoulders, is ingenious, and purely maniacal. Owing much to my desire to always remain unpredictable, this ploy has frequently entered my playtime. I adore binding my girl by the wrists which pulls her shoulders back into an excruciating tug only to contrast that with a rigid crotch rope yanking in the opposite direction. She has a choice to relieve her aching joints or to punish her fragile little pussy.

I'd like to share with the reader one of my favorite inspirations for such predicaments, namely that of the now defunct Insex website. These individuals who have moved on to other online SM sites were masters in presenting their female participants with predicaments they'd need to navigate. One such delectable had the ravishingly beautiful model 49 stationed on all fours, naked on the cold concrete floor. Her hands are taped up so that they form a shiny, electrically-taped clump, as are her feet. Her hair is pulled up above her by a leather strap knotted into her locks and then ratcheted into a pulley block above. Her prone nipples are pinched between surgical clamps that are then each tied off to the same D-ring anchored to the concrete floor. In order to relieve the sustained tug on her hair, she must lift her body up from the floor, which in turn causes her to jerk on the clamps biting into her sensitive nipply sparkplugs. Of course, since her hands are taped, she cannot free herself of the various contraptions. And, ad infinitum, begins the dialogue of pure sadistic debauchery.

A careful analysis of this arousal produces a clear extension of control. There is nothing overtly sexual about subjecting a submissive to this sort of beratement. I have employed this on even simpler arrangements, where i have not placed as serious demands upon the girl's body, but instead her mind. I have insisted that she make a decision between the destruction of one favored article of clothing in return for leniency over the scrutiny of a behavior or reaction. Essentially, i am asking her to decide whether her well-being is worth preserving over that of another object. She's engaging in this transaction simply because she wants to, or believes that she has to in order to attain that perfect summation of pure and complete submission.

As for who prevails, i leave it to the reader to decide whether good or evil rues the day.


thisgirl said...

you may like same people as insex.


Anonymous said...

You scare me in such a delicious way
lili :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE predicament bondage we need to find a site that shows simple ways of doing it in the household

Anonymous said...

I've always loved the villain, even when i was a little girl. The main thought that would always go through my head (and still does) was 'how would it be if I were captured by him;to be trapped with no one but him"...


jayne said...


you now have me wondering if you are a younger child in your family. My younger brother used the breaking of precious objects to try and get me to cede to his demands. I have watched my younger son doing the same with his older brother. I think it is a particularly nasty ploy. I still remember the things my brother destroyed after many, many years. With apologies to Master, i would remove my delectable self from any dominant that displayed this particular trait.

Anonymous said...

I must ask questions of all who read this, Deity included. What do you see when you look at Insex or Device Bondage?

I'll tell you what I see. Women being abused. Women who have started their journey thinking they can handle what is about to be done to them but finding out they can't. Are you aroused by the genuine fear in their eyes? By the permanent damage being done to them? We're not talking loving encasement and bondage here. We are talking about women pushed too hard until they cry out of fear. Those photos of them smiling are not done after the sessions, they are done before.

Sure, some love every second of it. But many are too far in and are scarred for life. I know this to be a fact, having had several friends traumatised so much by the sick fuck who runs Insex that they are unable to delve into the fetish scene ever again. This is not pleasure - this is a set of people who simply want to hurt women and make you pay money to watch it.

Pushing limits is one thing. You do it in love - you train your girl in love, you love women. But how can you hold up these sites as places to hero worship? Surely you can see that the line of what is consensual has been blurred to a dangerous extent. It is sites that like that give fetishists a bad name. These women are not aroused, they are terrified. They are abused. The model sites are fine - they are in control at all times. That is acting.

But this minority, Insex and its ilk, are the reason why SMers must remain closeted. We cannot police our own. Did you know that when girls agreed to, back when it was open, take part in Insex sessions they filled in a form saying how far they would go? A specific section on the form made the girl detail what she would not find acceptable in the sessions. This exact thing was then done to her and she had signed a document saying it could be done without realising.

Your biggest nightmare is having ants crawl inside your pussy? That's what they did to you. I know of women who can never bear children because of what Insex sessions did to them. Please I beg you, be careful when you endorse these sites or similar.

Deity said...

i haven't yet wandered over to their site. oddly enough, i haven't lately looked at many sites except for a regular visit to Gord's.

why hello there, hun. so happy to scare from you/hear from you.

there are myriad ways of doing it simply in the household. in fact, i find the simpler the predicament, the bigger the impact.

...and what if he turned you into darkness and evil just like him? see, that's where i ultimately take it, thus the reasoning for the name of this site.

i'm sorry to hear that you had what sounds like a jarring experience with your younger sibling. i personally never hijacked anything of my sister's (i looked up to her WAY too much).

as for the destruction of precious objects, i certainly don't partake in that. anything i insist that a girl part with is something i know she can live without. doing otherwise would be a cruelty i don't care to exhibit.

as anyone knows, i do not particularly enjoy it when the tougher assertions or criticisms come from someone who was unwilling to provide an identity. It doesn't make sense to at least include a handle. I mean, i can identify the commenter by their IP address, what's the point of hiding behind an anonymous comment?

that being said, i thank you for raising this issue. i do not know the site ''. i do however know insex, as i have mentioned it a few times here. i should also declare that i know a handful of the models who have appeared on the site, and i know the creator himself.

i heard a number of things floating around about the intensity of scenes and some impropriety, but i had not heard from anyone i know personally any stories of permanent trauma or scarring.

i don't feel that i'm in any position to address what went on at Insex, as i never witnessed their behind the scenes first hand. i can only go off of what i've heard from the few models who thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

i can only, therefore, speak to what about the site i find arousing. None of what i've migrated to involves scenes that display a girl in abject terror, harm or danger. In fact, the evidence of any of that would turn me off completely.

i take my position in this community very seriously and with great responsibility, and would not want to put my "name" behind something without great scrutiny. this is why you do not see links to paysites on my sidebar, that's not the purpose of my journal. I merely mention sites that have made my record skip to offer a more complete view of who i am.