Friday, June 8, 2007

Making sense of it all

Much of what we do with our submissives involves hands on treatment. Whether it is by our hands or those objects (collars, shackles, canes, insertions, piercings, etc.) that serve as extensions of our hands, the activity usually involves manipulating them to create some level of stimulation. That being said, there are those of us who truly enjoy the process of also "putting away" our toys.

As children, we all heard, i'm sure, the oft-spoken command to tidy up our playpen. I quickly learned that i enjoyed installing my individual toys into their carrying cases as much as i enjoyed extracting them. In later years, i expressed a similar exuberance, taking much care in putting my submissive toys back, in the precise condition and place that i found them.

One of the earliest restrictions with my girl involved me binding her up in a rigorous hogtie, while she was trussed beautifully in stockings, lingerie and gloves. I sat in the next room for 15 minutes, then came back and checked to see if she felt she could manage this position for a longer duration. Securing a confident affirmative, I left her bound and immobilized while i ventured out to a social bar-b-q next door. I loved this. I was nervous as i always am about safety, but i also tingled as i was feasting on bratwursts and skirt steak while thinking of her with her wrists yanked behind her back, anchored to her ankles which were firmly tethered to the steel frame of my bed. Basically, she was put away. At one point, a friend asked me why she hadn't come with me, and not willing to miss the opportunity to unknowingly put the joke on him, i responded "Oh, she's tied up with something." I kept a clear eye on the passage of time, and once a few hours rolled by, i decided to retreat home, and rescue my damsel from her strict bonds.

Conducting my post-bondage interview, it became clear that opportunities for further behavior modification could be pursued by exploiting my girl's attraction to sensory deprivation. She owns enough scuba certifications to qualify her as part marine mammal and often discusses the complete shift in her mind from her terrestrial existence as she's floating in the warm waters, surviving on a synthetic blend of oxygen. I've discussed my fascination with extreme objectification. In those times, i've enjoyed removing the human qualities of my girl, but then using what remained. This internment would serve a different purpose.

I've read so many erotic stories on sites like where a girl was (by choice or coercion) put into a state of suspended animation and then subjected to a multimedia barrage of sounds, sights and scents depicting another girl's slow diminishment into sluthood. These contraptions employed by the (mostly not good) authors are quite elaborate, having devices that provide physical stimulation that is meant to positively (clitoral, vaginal and anal stimulation) and negatively (shocks, pinches or thwacks) reinforce. Now, i'm not one who believes you could sit someone in a chair for hours making her watch trashy bimbos sucking and fucking in the hopes that she would soon develop similar desires. As i expressed earlier, the desires you want someone to act on for the most part have to exist in order for their behavior to be instinctual. Nonetheless, i spent many hours contemplating the rigmarole i could devise to perform the mental transformation of a bitchy brat to a compliant slut.

The first exercise in submerging my girl into a tight, world-vanquishing cocoon served as the basic model for every inducement since. "Why mess with what works" is in full operation here. She is stripped, then each of her limbs, her torso and head are encased in shrinkwrap. The only things that are left exposed to the air are her ears and her mouth. Everything else is confined. She is further encapsulated in a layer of duct tape, and occasionally i'll wrap her in latex sheeting. Sometimes i elect to remove her sense of hearing with earplugs, to completely shut her out. Other times, i'll hook her up to an iPod. I'll feed into that white noise, Bach or on a few occasions, i've had her listen to these mp3s i found on the internet a long time ago that have this guy repeating sexual suggestions over and over (i consider these mostly as a joke. my girl considers them torture because she can't stand his voice and she finds their attempts at subliminal hypnotic techniques ridiculous). I've fiddled with the use of respiration but have not taken the plunge and have her use her regulator and tanks. I'm aching to advance to this. At some point, i will want to submerge her in liquid. One of my biggest fantasies is to have her suspended in gelatin. The "re-birthing" as she is extracted from that makes my chest throb.

All of this is an incredibly arduous and labor-intensive process to achieve behavior modification, when i could just instruct her on how i'd like her to behave. However, the process is part of the modifying, not to mention i get off by transforming my girl into a capsule. Her mind thinks at a thousand microns a second, and quite frequently i want her to escape into nothingness to relieve herself of her massive mental calculations. For these periods where she is entombed, since there is no sexual stimulation going on, her mind reverts to a point of utter, uninhibited pre-natal bliss. She's in storage, existing only as a biological system with no need to think.


Anonymous said...

my owners speak often of putting me away until they feel like playing with me again, but this usually means just leaving me in a corner or closet for a while. nothing quite so elaborate.

the unpredictable mix of detail and subtlety in your writing makes reading your posts feel at times like a dream-like yet productive journey. this is why you will always have me as a captivated reader. :)

jayne said...

Your previous post on shrinkwrap became more and more appealing to me as i realised how special the time would be in my own headspace with such total deprivation of senses. The last time Master had me in a hogtie i felt myself sink deep down inside and it was a real test of will to come back up when he returned.
Mind you, i think it takes a strong enjoyment of your own headspace to be able to do this. Your girl must be pretty incredible.

weather girl said...

It's arousing, captivating, and yet... the fears of claustrophobia and experiencing so many sensory restrictions would make this such a hard line to cross. It nearly creates a panic inside me, just imagining it. Has she had to fight through such fears herself?

On the other hand, there is something very appealing about exploring ways to shut off the mind. Simply feeling without thinking is one of my favorite places to be.

{milla} said...

It excites me too, but i find it extremely difficult to reconcile with my 'outside D/s' life. Cause of work, cause of my family, cause of social engagements, all things that i'm heavily invested in and have no desire to shirk responsibility for and greatly enjoy, i would have trouble putting this kind of description into play. I have read that the attraction for many people involved in D/s lifestyles is that they can get away from real life and leave responsibility behind. I don't feel this at all, I feel a high degree of need to engage in the world, otherwise I struggle to find meaning in life (no judgements are being made of anyone else here, i'm simply speaking for myself). Am I taking this too seriously?

I also don't fail to see the irony that a good night in a cupboard being put away would probably be good for me in that it would stop this endless thinking process as detailed above.

Deity said...

Sometimes the elaborate manner i "put her away" stuns even me. Couldn't it be simpler?

I greatly appreciate your kind comments regarding my writing.

I do love the shrinkwrap, from a very early age. I'm not that interested in breath play, but i like the idea of capturing someone beneath its transparent layers.

in the early stages, she was incredibly tentative about total enclosure. I had to demonstrate to her that the goal wasn't to restrict her breathing but to articulate it.

I'm not sure if you're taking it too seriously. As for my girl, and why this works for us, she has difficulties sometimes shutting off her mind because she is so sensitive and well-intuned with her reality. I've been able to afford her some quiet and peace.


Amber said...

Deity - the shrink wrap play is a little bit like Goldfinger don't you think?

Deity said...

I honestly hadn't thought of it that way, but i can definitely understand why it would arouse memories of that scintilating scene.