Friday, June 22, 2007

The Gain, pt. 4 - The Compromise

Most of my encounters with June followed the routine set in our first date. I'd provide guidelines for how she should dress, introducing a different hurdle each time. I would spend a few moments deriding her ineptitude, then leave in disgust. I noticed, however, over time, she was slowly starting to resemble the image i'd conjured from our initial crossing at her office.

We'd met for the very first time at the architectural firm she worked. I was there for a meeting to go over the project with the rest of the design team i was overseeing, when during the presentation of final plans, June came bursting into the conference room. She pulled the head architect out of the huddle, frantically explaining to him her "needs immediate attention" crisis. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was stunning.

Working in a field populated largely by men, it is rare to encounter a female who sits amongst the elite ranks of the highly skilled. It is even rarer that this female have obliteratingly potent looks. Upon her head sat raven black hair, which pulled tightly into a bun showed off the sleek, attractive shape of her skull. She wore a grey, wool skirt suit that spoke in a modest way about the boundless curves beneath it, with ash-colored stockings and black stiletto heels. She looked up once from her pow-wow to see me piercing her with my eyes. We didn't speak a word.

Later, after the meeting, i approached the architect she'd spoken with, asking for her name. When a week had passed, I called her. Contrasting this image with the one i'd seen put together on our dates told me the prey sought to draw out the chase. This gave me an idea for our next encounter.

"I can't dress like that."

I knew she would say this, Her modesty continued to serve as her overbearing chaperone.

"Then, there is no reason for us to see eachother again." I spoke very assuredly. A premature shriek caught in her throat. This both thrilled me and pained me to say. I felt so much desire to see her again, but i knew i had to make this gamble, "Well? I'm waiting...don't waste my time on the phone if there is no sense in this."

"Please - give me some time. I just need some time." Her words sounded rushed, abrupt.

"Will you do it?"

"...yes..." She said this with the smallest amount of breath needed to generate a sound.

"Do what?"

"What you said."

"I need you to repeat it. Exactly like i've told you to."

"God...skirt, heels. No - panties." The delivery of the last word made me smile. "You're an awful, awful person."

"I know." And i did. But hearing her pronounce it made me understand her acceptance of our contract. I would make sure to get to the restaurant early, in order to pick out the perfect table for the presentation.


Amber said...

Nice post. I am becoming more and more persuaded that you are very much like the guy in that book I alluded too (but sweeter). I hope you don't mind the comparison :). I am an English major, after all, and am always on the lookout for life imitating art.

Phoebe said...

How very provacative :-)

I'm going to have to go back and start at the very beginning, your blog seems to warrant that much attention, at the very least.

Amber said...

Phoebe - I did that, it's a great site.

Diety - I am only puzzled about this - how come when you threatened to walk away, the girl didn't say "Oh well, fine, looks like you are only interested in my submission, not myself?" Just curious.

I had a brief date with this one guy, who was so totally not my match, and those were the days of 3" heels and above the knee skirts, and then he tells me that now that he got seduced by the outfits, he wants me to stop wearing them and dress more modestly (this is the first date, ok). We worked together at the time. He was this ultra-Muslim guy, see, and then he lays out this whole set of things he'd like me to do or not to do. Muslim men love doing that sort of thing over there. Told him to take a hike right there.

jayne said...

Even after months of hearing the word panties it stil fills me with a feeling of digust. Isn't it strange how succh an innocent word can have such a profound effect.

Deity said...

i don't mind comparisons to literary characters at all. At least they can't come around and accuse me of copying them.

find anything of interest?

she and i were engaged in a game that we both wanted to play.

still don't understand, but i'll gladly use this general disdain to my advantage.

Amber said...

That's good then.

jayne said...


surely you do understand. I'm a grown woman i simply don't wear panties, not since i was three or four years old. Using this term enforces my position in relation to Master and i object to it. But if there was no objection it simply wouldn't have such power.

Amber said...

I don't think I could go sans panties with all the jeans I wear...

Deity said...

Not knowing where you are located, i'm going out on a limb here, but i believe that your cultural connection to the word "panties" is different than the one i'm used to. Adult women buy and wear panties here. The thing i don't understand is the almost universal dispersion the females i know have towards the term. Why is that word so icky?

sounds like someone has had a go with going panty-less. I'm so happy to hear that.

Amber said...

Deity, yeah, took some determination :).