Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Since there's no space, come, let us kiss and squeeze;
Or kiss anyway, let's start with that, the kissing, please.
Because it's better than not starting, you agree?
We're good at kissing, kissing all over, pleasantly

And if we kiss, we may as well do more.
For it's just you and me, no one else outside that door.
How is this? My hand? There, holding your breast?
Do i go too far? Or perhaps, should i go the rest?

What pulse is this, that greets me at my touch?
Quivering lips, fingers, hips, sighs of way, too, too much.
Yes, i think i will go on, plundering right here.
And those outside will not abide our passions, my dear.


Gray said...

How lovely!!:)

Mademoiselle M. said...

Oh, how wonderfully delightful!

persephone said...

i love how fun and light-feeling this poem is. :)

Deity said...

Thank you. Two whole exclamations.

Thank you, still think the rhythm could be better.

it was inspired by some attempts at sneaking something in while relatives were over.