Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sly old fox

She couldn't have been more than 20 years old, and even then, it was obvious her manner of dress was chosen to add maturity to her age. I saw that she was lost in her magazine, and didn't catch me stepping up to her register. I relished moments like this - this game.

In my head, i contemplate every move and gesture i need to make in order to fluster and catch a girl off guard. I will first surprise her with a firm, low-register greeting. Immediately following that, i will find her eyes, and stare right into them. Once i know she has realized we've locked eyes, a smile will break out the side of my mouth baiting her, as i wait for her to act upon my transaction.

This one seemed perfectly ripe and a virtual lock as a target.

"Hi, there."

She saw me smiling at her, quickly putting her magazine on the counter behind her.

"Uh...hi." She smiled back at me. "Hiya..."

She looked down at the items i'd placed on the conveyor belt, and began to scan each one. Following the beeping response of the scanner, she gazed up at me, right into my stare that hadn't moved from her. And each time she looked, her eyes bubbled and she smiled.

"You have to guess what i'm making for dinner."

She chuckled while arching her eyebrows. She gandered at me while biting her bottom lip, to gauge my seriousness.

"I'm serious...i'll give you three guesses."

She scanned the items, assembling them in a list in her head. She squinted at me contemplatively from the side of her head, trying to figure out what my appetites might be, what lay in my background and my biography. The only thing she had to go off was what stood before her.

"Do you give up?"

"Nooooo! Give me a - "

She stopped mid-sentence, and a disembodied thought that had been boiling in her mind finally formed together.

"You have really beautiful eyes."

Caught off guard a little by the change in subject, i didn't know exactly how to react, so i just offered a simple thanks.

"They are like looking into a bright Summer sky. I could stare at them all day."

I swallowed any words that were on deck in my mouth. She completely turned things around with this comment, taking the advantage in the conversation. I smiled, a little embarrassed by the fluidity of her compliment. As she finished scanning the rest of my groceries, i didn't say much. I didn't have much to say. I continued to hold the corners of my mouth upwards as i paid my bill, and gathered my bags.

As i walked away, i thought about how one should not overestimate the prowess of one even as young as that. Just as i reached the exit door, i heard her cheery voice call after me.

"Tacos! You're making tacos."

I smiled as the sun of the beautiful Summer day hit my face. She was right.


oatmeal girl said...

As the repeated victim of my Master's impressive ability to manipulate my mind, body, and emotions, I take an extra pleasure in this vignette of turned tables.

cutesypah said...

I love small talk, and catching others off guard with little flirtations and compliments. I'm glad you were given and good as you get today. As one who is nearly 45 but looks 30, I get this type of reaction all the time with my quick wit, and slightly "forward" comments. One can never truly judge a book by its cover, nor its age.

I'm glad she made you smile, and think....

Destructicon said...

One for the forthcoming, soon to be published "Book of Deity" ?

You're very much a renaissance man aren't you?

By the way, did you receive that link I sent you through your blog? The addidas add / girl in pink sparkles? What did you think?

David said...
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PrettyGirl said...

I love it! The surprise of the feminine:)

Deity said...

pleasure at my own ruddy cheeks? why i never...

i didn't stop smiling for the rest of the day. she was very impressive.

"Book of Deity"? And what would the Table of Contents be?

I'm not sure what you mean by "renaissance man" in reference to myself. Can you clarify?

I didn't catch the link. Feel free to send it to my e-mail (dominantdeity)(@)(

Love it! You must share the reactions you get with that.

Certainly didnt expect her to shift the focus of the conversation.

Destructicon said...

My reference?

Renaissance man 

–noun 1. a cultured man of the Renaissance who was knowledgeable, educated, or proficient in a wide range of fields.

2. a present-day man who has acquired profound knowledge or proficiency in more than one field.



As for the book, ahah - why do you need a TOC? It should be a suprising journey.

Think coffee table reader - images and photography mixed with musings, philosophy, and basically - the selected portions of your log...

(and my word verification is "Nympain" a cross of Nymph and Pain? Did you pick the words yourself? haha)