Saturday, February 7, 2009


We sadists are mean with focus. We are also focused entirely on the means.

We punish with little regard, and regard our punishment with great delight.

We have long, unbending visions. Most times, our vision depends entirely on your flexibility.

We experience joy through the most perverse ways. We are most perverse where joy can be experienced.

We give pain calculatingly, even coldly. We calculate the pain we give by the respondent's temperature.

We snicker menacingly when cries arise. Crying is an unlaughable menace to us.

We torture as a way to connect to our victim. Our victim must be tortured in order for us to allow them to connect with us.

We chide and mock your suffering. Your lack of suffering mocks and chides us.

We seek your struggle and resignation, and only resign once you've stopped struggling.

We do not wince when exacting strain upon your body. Our bodies strain to hold back whenever you wince.

Our push grows in intensity the instant we see you first pout. The more you pout the more we push.

We tighten the knots despite your protests. Your protests only reinforce why we tie the knots so tightly.

We ask that you count the strokes across your flesh to impart order. In order to strike your flesh, we insist that you are aware of how many counts you've incurred.

We're assholes. We love your assholes.


Meta said...


clever :)

victory regained said...

So true. Assholes we are! But for some reason they love it anyway...

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of two things:

1. My favorite philosophy question:
Do I love you because you are beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?

It also reminds me of the physiological differences between men & women.

Anonymous said...

As usual, you've eloquently described how we feed off each other. Wonderful writing!


rapt said...

forwarding this one to my favorite sadists they'll love it..ty :)

Vesta's Submission said...


You've been back to that gym, haven't you?

Seriously, your writing is on fire right now!

The submissive craves the domination, and thus the dominant always wins the day...but as to the last line...

Well, who of us didn't laugh out loud?!

Charli said...

...and we, ever so slightly masochistic submissives LOVE all those wonderful qualities in you S types!

This made me smile....thank you for that.

pantiwaste said...

Ah... but where would you be without us poor sub-masochists?

Deity said...

That's it? Just 'clever'?

victory regained,
and thank God for that.

#1, depends on the time spent with the person.

#2, do tell.

feed...yes, very true. but i also hope we harvest and rejuvenate.

what did they say?

wins? i'm not so sure. perhaps performs their duty, but doesn't the bottom also triumph to have been placed where they want/need to be placed?

it's good to hear that there is still love that emanates from tormented.

looking for an outlet.

Meta said...

sorry...saving the gushing for my own Master ;)

Anonymous said...

The answer to your question Deity Sir:

(More from an evolutionary & social behavior standpoint)

I find it fascinating that Charles Darwin defined sexual selection as the effects of the "struggle between the individuals of one sex, generally the males, for the possession of the other sex”.
I believe there is a certain predatory aspect in those prone towards Sadism. I often wonder if perhaps Sadistic posturing may be a form of courtship among those who are so inclined.
I thought your examination was inspiring.

Social gender roles aside…
The first thing that came to my mind when reading your entry was:

“Men need to have sex in order to feel intimate and loving towards a woman.
Women need to feel intimate & loved in order to want to have sex with a man.”
(I have been trying to dig up where I read that!)

Either way, “bonding” (no matter how it’s done) is a mutually interactive process which requires more from the individuals involved than a simple “liking” for one another.

Deity Sir, I do hope this is an acceptable answer. I am feeling a bit incoherent today.

Your answer to #1 is probably the most cautious and least impulsive answer I’ve ever gotten when posing that question.

Thank You.


Vesta's Submission said...

Agreed. The submissive does triumph for exactly the reason you give. At the time of writing, I was thinking about the submissive who might resist such attentions. But, in the end, her desire for domination brings her back full circle to the desires of the dominant. And, in this way, yes, they are both winners.