Monday, February 16, 2009

des pieces

- Sitting at the counter of a local greasy spoon - well known for their choice burgers - K and i recently caught up, him having just come from a satisfying session of flexible rope bondage involving one of the few girls he plays with. Before we were to meet up, i contemplated the venue for our 'reconnaitre', and the (incredibly rare) appetite for a rare, bloody burger popped into my head. When we met on the street corner, i suggested several locations, but for some reason, i avoided what my body was telling me. Needing to replenish his constitution, K spoke up:

"I'd really like a hamburger."

I, of course, seconded. As we watched the grill jockeys flip and fabricate their way through order after order of the reputed menu item, K and i discussed many topics. We didn't shade the volume of our voice in order to avoid offending the prudish sensibilities of those around us. As what happens whenever we gather, we riffed off of eachother. He's someone with whom i can truly examine my sadistic proclivities without any abashed zeal, or any antagonistic need to shock or show off.

As the evening grew a longer beard, we sat on our stools, feasting on barely cooked meat, and giddily expressing ways in which we had been insatiablly maniacal bastards to our respective partners.

"She actually thought to ask me to lower the blinds, which she soon regretted as our performance suddenly took place at the window's edge."

"Right as i was asking her if she was ready for me to remove the zipper, i prematurely pulled a few clothespins off her flesh. 'Whoops! Sorry about that'."

Towards the end of the evening, the conversation - which had moved to a local dive bar - turned to an exploration about why 'corruption' remains such an addicting elixir for me. This online journal is something that represents decades-worth of the enticing notion that i can corrupt the minds of innocent females. There is no mistake that the mass majority of my readers are female (as well as those few who choose to comment). I told K how i scan the daily statistics of those who visit "The Lustful Quality", looking not for deep purse strings to finance my larger literary dreams, but some indication that the person attached to the IP address holds all the feminine qualities i seek to torment.

Honestly, one cannot glean such information. But, one can dream.

- Recently, i've had to travel alone a great deal for work. These days (aka. in a committed relationship), that means eating a lot of meals alone. I do not enjoy eating alone. Let me rephrase that. I LOATHE eating alone, and do whatever i can to avoid it. However, my physionomy will do all in its power to make the time away from home all the more taxing. Translation: for whatever reason, when i travel alone for business, my libido is exacerbatingly high.

To remedy this, i will go to whatever local eatery i can stomach, in the hopes that it will have a large number of female clientele and/or waitstaff (i assume the food will be paltry). There have been many times when i've turned around and left the establishment if i saw there would be no feminine sundry on which i could gander. When i do stay, i usually request a table off in the corner, where i can look out across the entire floor, and, almost as if they were part of my appetizer, visually devour whatever dainty creature crosses my view. This only gets me through the meal, however.

Once i return all by myself to my unnecessarily large hotel room, i'm faced with an excess of leisure time to myself (seeing as i do not watch TV, i must entertain myself in other ways). In the past, i would've arranged to have some delicate flower's services for the duration of my stay. But, those days are, without any regret, in the past. Instead, i've loaded up a flash drive with several gigabytes-worth of assorted SM kink that, when not completing work, i'm spending long periods of time in my hotel room perusing. I'm not sure what it is about travelling by myself that increases my general arousal, but its elevation is unmistakable.


Anonymous said...

If you are curious about readership, perhaps you could post an anonymous poll.

Most of us are quite taken with you and might be somewhat willing to oblige I am sure.
I first found you while I was searching for something interesting to read.
I found this post:
and I was hooked.

I often travel by myself also.
There are certain things I enjoy; the feeling of freedom, the natural beauty of the locales…
There are certain advantages to being a man traveling alone.
And as a woman, there are certain things I have come to loathe about traveling by myself:
*Vagrancy (yes, I’ve had people try to claim distress an beg for money even in nice establishments!)
*Being gawked at. (Unless I’m meeting the man, I tend to dress down when I travel to avoid unwanted attention.)
*Ungainly attempts at flirting. (I enjoy polite conversation as well as the next polite girl, but one time the clerk at the hotel had to bring to my attention that the man who’d just made an exit while I was checking in was hitting on me and not her.)
*Eating alone
*Sleeping in strange places.

Would a phone conversation with your girl offer any comfort?
Sometimes it works for me.

PS. Now you’ve got me craving a hamburger. :-D

elle said...

While I believe that many desires die if not fed, I do not believe this lifestyle is one of them. Much as a fire requires oxygen to survive, so you feel lack when you are without. subsequently one craves it, no needs it, more.

Hugs, Elle

Lauren said...

I'm fairly new to your blog. I'm enjoying it so far :) You certainly have a way with words.

oatmeal girl said...

Perhaps, dear Sir, what you need while on your travels are dinner dates with your assorted female fans. Only dinner, of course, nothing to disrupt the sanctity of your committed relationship. With masks, perhaps, to protect anonymity? Knowing you, I supose you'd want the girl in a full hood, but perhaps you could get away with an eye mask.

Hmmm... I suppose it might be hard to find restaurants tolerant of such gear. But I'm sure something could be found in most major cities...

Deity said...

A poll, eh? I could me persuaded to do that as long as it isn't seen as grandstanding.

Rest assured, my girl's ear is appropriately warmed through lengthy telecommunications.

Are we to say that we are then playing with fire?

Thank you so much for commenting. I hope you continue to enjoy my wordly ways.

Do you really think those who barely have the courage to speak up here in these comment sections would consent to sharing a meal alone with me? I seriously doubt it.

oatmeal girl said...

Ah, but what about those of us who do speak up? Now that I've been subjected to the sadistic ministrations of my demon muse, dinner with you doesn't seem very scary at all.

With or without masks.

Anonymous said...

Grandstanting? On your own blog? I guess that also might depend on how you handle the results.

Glad to know. :-)

I have to admit, I find Oatmeal Girl's idea intriguing, and maybe a little scary. ;-)

elle said...

I suppose you could call it playing with fire, but candle wax only please. ;)

Just for the record, I agree with O.G. - you might be surprised who might agree to meet the infamous Diety for dinner.

Anonymous said...

i agree with o.g. and elle - i think dinner with Deity would be absolutely fascinating. (And suspect i'd need to beg my Master for some "leisure" time of my own to recover from the experience...)