Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Xmas dinner with the Stevensons

I drove up to the house in Faircrest Hills, arriving at the estate in my dilapidated pickup truck. The valet looked at me as i handed him my keys with what i expected would be the first of many "you don't belong here" looks. I felt the same about him. Who has a valet at their house? I walked up the path to the front door, which seemed to magically open on its own upon my approach. As i stepped through it, i saw the proud butler holding the door in such a way that most of his body was hidden by it so that arriving guests wouldn't need to be distracted by his bodily presence.

Curving upwards, as if taking off in flight from the landing i stood on were two long marble staircases, with a golden strip of carpeting flowing right down the middle of each. These staircases served to frame perfectly the first of eight Christmas trees that i would encounter in the Stevenson's mansion. It was easily the biggest Christmas tree i'd ever seen in someone's house. 18 or 19 feet high, yet it came nowhere near approaching the lofty ceiling hanging above. However, this wasn't the most spectacular thing about this ornamentation. Looking at the base of this gigantic blue spruce, i saw what i suspected had to be true. Thinking no tree holder could be large enough to support this tannenbaum on its own, without trying to register my surprise, i looked at the trunk sinking right into the oval of earth cut out in the floor. I wondered as i was escorted to the north wing where the guests were milling if the Stevensons had planted the tree or if they'd built this enormous house around it.

I'd been invited to this festive banquet by the youngest of the Stevenson girls who i'd been seeing off and on at College. I knew and she knew i didn't belong, but i accepted her invitation nonetheless. I really wanted to see the environment in which she'd been incubated that contributed to her incredibly sexy bitchiness. I don't want to give the impression that i was outwardly some rebellious looking wolf who the youngest girl of this upper crust family hoped would cause shivers in the stiff vertebrae of her parents. On the exteriors, i was and still am very clean and dapperly dressed (which has always caught off any girl i have revealed this tilted side to), it's just that the Stevensons were that wealthy. They were among four families in the area whose names crested institutions, government pavilions and of course industries.

Dear old Papa did his best to reinforce, during the glamorous seven course meal, the esteem and prestige that made up the Stevenson pedigree. I realized he didn't usually regale his banquet guests with accounts of the precedents and pioneering achievements struck into the roots of our entire community by the hands of his lineage. He was doing that for my benefit. I listened to every word, impressed at the fluidity of his speech and pride in his heritage.

I smiled at him while i listened, while in my head i contemplated the contrast of the image of this founding clan parading across the terrain and the image from just the night before of his youngest daughter (whose leg had been running up and down my thigh ever since the second salad course) crawling on all fours, completely naked, across the floor of my dorm room, carrying my homework in her mouth that i'd had her fetch for me.


persephone said...

i can't not comment... your writing is thrilling me. :) i'm not easily impressed, either.

DL's toy said...

i kinda sorta agree with persephone! Thanks for the really great question under 'this time imperfect'. i do have plans of addressing this as there's much to add. Again, thanks for leaving the trackback to your fantastic writing, otherwise, i wouldn't have known about you!

Deity said...

Thank you both for your comments. I take them both with gratitude and pride coming from two of the more gifted webjournalists i've encountered in the SM realm.

littlegirl said...

i keep thinking about the final image: her with your homework in her mouth. for some reason it keeps coming back to me (at opportune times, too;). this is an evocative post. something about it is haunting my erotic desires...


Amber said...

I know this is slightly off subject, the xmas tree theme reminded me of putting the cane onto a xmas tree as I decorated it last year - it was to be His gift that year. You can see it


Deity said...

i think that's quite appropriate. You're riffing off of my words, one small mention of a detail i noticed in that house. Means that i'm creating something, even if it's something little, in your mind, which of course i enjoy.

Lovely idea to take the traditional candy cane and twist it like a demoness.