Monday, June 2, 2008


You never thought to ask, which you knew would yield you no answers if you had. You just stood there patiently still as i meticulously stretched a measuring tape over your body's different bends and angles. Initially, i stuck to the rudimentary lengths. Your waist, your bust, your trunk, the extent of your long, beautiful legs. Shortly after, you noticed that i started coming to you with a pencil in my mouth, and one of my small, leather-bound black notebooks in hand where i jotted down the measurements of such things as the width from your thumb to your pinkie, the span of your inner elbow, and yes, even the diameter of the entrance to your ears. All the while i'd smile, sometimes raise my eyes in surprise, and occasionally, my findings would elicit an exasperated "couldn't be!" from under my breath.

By now, i think i've grown accustomed to your lack of inquiry of my doings. I came and went with full knowledge of what i wanted, and later realized how easily you complied. This led me to contemplate how far you've progressed in your overall training. It amazes me what you are now capable of enduring and accepting as normal. Quite frankly, it titillates and arouses me. It fills me with such pride and elation, that i have been able to go with you on this journey. And it is precisely the reason why i feel with confidence your ability to handle what i had planned for you next.

When we sat at the table this morning for breakfast, you had no idea what i had as the centerpiece in my head. You were unaware that the dinner party we had scheduled for tonight would take a detour away from the social evening you expected. You couldn't know what i'd done with those well over 40 different measurements of your body. You couldn't expect the 4'X3'X4' shiny ivory-white sarcophagus that will be delivered later this afternoon. You cannot imagine the near-perfect negative relief the rigid foam insides of the box make of your gorgeous naked, packaged body. You won't anticipate the three inserts strategically positioned to hold open your mouth, your cunt and your asshole, dilating them to levels you have not yet experienced.

And once inside, once the darkness of the lid snapped tightly shut ensconces your mind, you will have no idea how to the outside observer, these three "orifices" appear as only smooth, featureless holes available for whatever use they may wish upon them. They do not reveal the nude creature muffling in near silence, deep within.


Tristan said...

now....THAT'S control.

I hope she screams, silently into the foam, and I hope she knows she wants to, and that you want her to.

And that you want her, too :)

Nice imagery...

wordslut said...

This cannot possibly be true …

Can it?

Deity said...

thank you for the compliment. the imagery was exceptionally vivid for me to recall.

why, hello. long time no peep.

now, why ever would you ask if this was true or not?

wordslut said...

Why would I ask? Because although it is hot, it sounds so extreme, and usually, you are so measured and rational in your extremeness.

Further, no matter how good you are at measuring, I don't think it could really fit snugly unless it was molded to her shape.

Why do I get the feeling you are not going to answer my question, anyway? :)