Friday, June 20, 2008

a jagged soft puzzle

the sound of her breath
clutching for rescue
moved me to force more
unto her as
her moans captured
her red skin voice for me
lips licking gasps
lingered torture of her
bosom's tight explosion
filling her body with
liquid swell
fingers fingering incomplete
no stop yes yes more
lips licking gasps
undulating bodies fit
hot pieces together in
a jagged soft puzzle


Anonymous said...

Your wordsmithing continues to astound, make my heart race, and steals my (still new found ability to) breathe a little…
Truly inspiring!

Redd (who is never disappointed by the pictures your word paint.)

P.S. You seem to caress the keyboard so beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful text... so inspiring...

tina from Sweden

Little Slave Girl said...

I just came across your site and I just wanted to say you are wonderfully talented and your words are so beautiful. I will be back to read more, and I'm bookmarking you on my page, if you don't mind :D

Deity said...

so glad you enjoy.

thank you, darlin. in this case, i caressed the pages of my notebook with my pen as that was a poem i recently found that i'd written almost ten years ago.

excellent name, little one. thank you for your comment and your visit.

what a beautiful photo you have there. thank you for dropping a line. i hope you continue to find pleasure within these walls.

Miss Honey said...

Wow... love this poem. So beautifully erotic.