Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I can't help it. Provide me with an ass, and i'll bite it. Until it hurts. Until it REALLY hurts. Until you yell at me. Until you can't stop jerking your backside away from my mouth, and moan out of protest.

Moan. Complain. Protest. Dig in your heels. God...that's what i want to hear. I was just spending the waking moments of our morning satisfying my tactile desire to chomp and bite, but then you insist on whimpering. Do you not know what that does to me?

Moan. Whimper. Appeal to my decency. My humanity. You will soon see how i respond to such protestations. You will soon feel how rigid your verbal rejections of my behavior enlivens my groin. This erection, you cannot blame me. This is your fault. I was just biting. I was just nibbling and nuzzling. You chose to paint the air with your withering victimhood. You chose to offer your cries, your rejections.

Turning your naked ass away will not accomplish what you think it will. I will hold you firmer. I will pin you down. And then, i will bite again. I will chew your girly flesh, grind it between my teeth. Suck on it. Pull it into my mouth. Kicking your feet into the mattress will only rile me up. Thrashing will only drive the urge deeper.

The urge to pull you inside of me. The urge to force myself all over you. The urge to make this - us - one, by coercive penetration of your cries, your ears, your mouth, your holes.

It's morning. Peaceful. Early. We've got ample amounts of time. And we've only just started.


Anonymous said...

The first word that came to mind after reading this was 'yum'!

Penny said...

ooo, that made me quiver.

greengirl said...

I'm not sure it would be possible to respond any other way unless I had been told specifically how to be. I am curious though, if she didn't respond in this way, what would you think? If she were to lie there very quietly, would you be disappointed, or satisfied? Would you be surprised? Thank you.

Missy n’ B said...

this post is delicious! It made me all tingly ;)


Deity said...

shape shifter,
yum for me, for sure

Then perhaps there should be even more biting.

My immediate thought is that I can't imagine her not writhing. I'm biting hard (leaving marks that last for days). I'd be incredibly surprised if she offered no reaction, and i'd definitely be disappointed if she didn't. It would only encourage me to push her further.

what do you do now?

Sexperts said...

I agree with Shapeshifter. My first thought? "Yum." Followed quickly by "Ouch!" And then later again by "...yummm."