Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Cherrypicker

The Cherrypicker-

He awoke, every morning, to the sounds of the roaring creek outside his window. The streaming waters rushed by with more volume at the beginning of the day, as if to wash away the previous one's ills and miscalculations. That this sound re-introduced him daily to the world imprinted on his thoughts and perceptions. Instead of gathering at a single point to observe then move on, his mind flowed constantly from one idea to the next. He didn't think much about the past or even the present. When in constant motion, neither exist. There is only before you, near you and under you. For most of us, the future seems abstract, as if we sometimes didn't expect it to happen. Not the case for him. He knew he would encounter the future because he existed right at its precipice, constantly speeding away from past events, heading, bobbing, swimming towards what lay ahead.

He took to his tasks with the same qualities. His calling was the thousands of cherry trees growing in the orchard just outside his door. He didn't see the empty pails waiting to be filled with the sweet, red morsels. Nor did he see trees teeming with ripe fruit, ready for his gathering. Instead, he saw only individual cherries popping from the tree into his hand. Each garnet, with its rosy skin and firm, yet curved rump received his undivided attention. His thumb would smooth over the shiny reddened surface, aware of the plumpness of its meat just beneath. After spending several seconds with each plucked cordial, bringing it to his nose where he ingested its delicious ripe perfume, he would carefully drop it into the wooden bucket hanging from his belt. He arose in the morning only for the purpose of receiving the visual kiss from each delectable cherry he selected. And so it went everyday, and everyday it went so.

Come Winter, his task changed from assembling to caretaking. Again, instead of the endless numbers of dormant trees, he saw only the cradles where the new fruit would blossom in the Spring. He pruned and groomed every branch and trunk, taking great care to remove any detritus that had amassed over the year, ensuring his longed for companions would have no obstacles to their bountiful arrival.

And yet, even though they were absent during the long, cold gray months, he steeled himself by visiting each and every blushing, burgundy buttocks in his mind, always with the understanding that they would return.

So it went everyday, and everyday it went so.


Trishymouse said...

I will have to read this a few more times to take it all in...

elle said...

[soft smiles] Welcome back Deity. You've been sorely missed.

Hugs, Elle

oatmeal girl said...

Blushing burgundy buttocks, indeed.

Welcome back, sir. I was just thinking about you today, and hoping you were well on all fronts.

I must admit I've been having my own sensuous reactions to cherries. I like them still a tiny bit crunchy. I've always loved a modicum of resistance before juices spurt out into my mouth, the hard over the soft and then the pleasure of the sudden flow of liquid onto my tongue and down my throat.

I really have missed you, you know.

Lulu said...

What a perfectly beautiful return. You have a gift and a voice that should not be silenced. But this was worth the wait. Thank you. Lulu

Vesta said...

The cherry picker has interesting qualities; so 'in the moment', but always standing at the precipice of the future. (It reminded me of something I heard recently. No matter whether the river runs fast or slow at any juncture, there is still the same amount of water.)He has patience, focus and an assuredness that the seasons will come around again that is quietly reassuring.

goodgirl said...

Deity, Sir
The image you created is beautiful and it makes me want to return home, witness my mother tending to her cherry trees.

A beautiful piece of art.


Allison said...

Its good to see you back.

baby girl said...

*sigh*. so beautiful.

i've missed you.

Anonymous said...

You missed us.

We missed you.

I like to think of it as a mutual addiction.

Now what do you have in store for us?

seeker said...

Upon finding your blog, i went immediately through all of the archives. ignoring the other blogs that i enjoy and read voratiously (sp?), knowing that i would have the delight of playing 'catch up'.

i am a woman who is submissive to a naturally dominant male who is your polar opposite in all things, except clumsily enchanted with transormations and women. we are at a crossroads where he must choose to take active, loving contol or risk everything we've built together. i plan to send him excerpts of many of your posts to show him that not only do i wish for him to be the man he is, but that many others have taken a similar journey.

when i reached 'its time' again, imagine my delight at again seeing a link to a 'newer post'!

thank you for taking the time to continue. i look forward to keeping your space in my bookmarks, and wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

How nice to see you back!

Unknown said...

Very sexy.

cassie said...

Ah! Welcome! Again!


Anonymous said...

Now's the cherry time indeed.

Destructicon said...

sweet fruits of labour Deity.

The waiting has made the return ripe.

Cheers and WB.


Anonymous said...

Oh my.