Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Can you deny the fact that ankles are so prominently overlooked?

When was the last time you spent the good part of your day staring at the panoply of these gorgeous yet differently-shaped podiatric joints?

I whimsically pretend not to gaze at the small, faeric, fleshy pistons that populate the city sidewalks and bus chassis and waiting rooms and subway platforms during the warm, smarmy months of summer. I'm supposed to, instead, force my eyes onto the 3 by 5 inch digital screen of my mobile, gathering the disconnected bits and bytes of bland tuppence that my social networks serve to me on-demand. To peer at these angled protrusions as they march by, i am breaking the social contract i have entered into by donning the clothes of a well-behaved, professional gentleman.

I'd take the moments i catch a glimpse of this spectrum of human beauty over all the shaved iced treats in the world the humid, hot weather permits. I thank each and every one of you for sharing, but i needn't dare tell you that i noticed.


KKinDK said...

What a delight to know that among the polished, well behaved people, there may be a lustful ├Žsthete in our midst. This might cause me to forgo the autumn boots a little longer ;)

Deity said...

If they are the right boots - fit to the ankle - they are great with the right short skirt. Shouldn't deprive of us either.

Deity said...

@better-off-redd: somehow your comments got deleted. Wanted to let you know I received and am grateful for them.