Sunday, June 5, 2011

Closing up shop

Over the next few weeks, all public vestiges of this persona known as "Deity" will cease to remain active. I will not take down the material already published, but there will be no additional items added to the collections.

As i intend to completely abandon this site, and release it into the ether, i will also strip it of links to other sites in my sidebar should those over time cease to exist. The intention is to make this a completely standalone destination.

In this day, what gets published on the Internet persists indefinitely, so i do not buy into the illusion that i could take it all down. More importantly, that's not of interest to me. It may continue to serve as an entertaining distraction to those who come upon it organically, and for that reason, i'll seal it in a transparent time capsule as a documentation of a theme and time period that others may find on their own.

I've enjoyed my time installed at the helm of this "Deity". It was a good fit for a very long time. I will think of it and the wonderful interactions it has allowed me with fondness.

Be well.


nancy said...

Thank you for the thoughts left to stand in the time capsule.

I've always enjoyed your postings and the ideas that came to mind upon reading them.

More of your thoughts will be missed.

oatmeal girl said...

I've been missing you, Deity, and was wondering just the other day what was doing with you. Things run their course.

Thanks for everything I've learned from you - and for all those times you've scared me. I've certainly come a long way since then...


David said...

Live long and prosper.

Be well.

HouseWench said...

I will be truly sorry when you have left. You managed to put words to emotions I have never been able to name, and I owe you greatly for that, even if only in my imagination. Farewell, Deity. You will be missed, and I thank you for choosing to alight on this particular flower of existence, if only for what felt like a glimpse.

Anonymous said...

thats a pity, I enjoyed your blog. Hope you're okay.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the interesting and thought provoking essays and commentary. Articulate wordage is all too rare on the interwebs.

Maybe I'll bump into you on Tumblr again one of these days, if you're still lurking there.

Best of luck and may your future adventures be as entertaining as those you've shared with us.


doll said...

Your words and thoughts will be greatly missed. They have given me plenty to think about and helped me to make changes in my own life that have enhanced it tremendously.

au revoir

Vesta said...

Fly high, my dear friend,

You were always destined to play amongst the stars and though I feel your absence keenly already, I delight in knowing that you are still up there, weaving your magic in the night sky.

Urgent Clarity said...

Hell no, don't go.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog several days ago. I came across it by accident, and like a bad accident, I couldnt turn away. While I'm not into any of this lifestyle, I can honestly say that I've never been so intrigued in my life. So, I started at the beginning, April of 2007, and now I'm up to October. It stinks that you won't be blogging anymore. I wish I could email you.

Deity said...

thank you for visiting. i appreciate your kind words.

ahhhhh, o.g. i'v enjoyed every time you've wished to share with me your Deity-imposed fright. A gift all on its own.

Be good.

Live is all we can choose to do. Everything else is decided.

Ciao, mate.

I'd like to think you owe yourself for visiting and exploring. I'm happy that you found a place where you could enjoy the author's choice of words strung together.

i wonder if you've enjoyed mine as much as i've enjoyed yours. that man of yours is diabolically inspiring.

everything is wonderful. no need to be concerned.

thank you for all of your wonderful links and submissions. i've enjoyed every one of them.

thank you for your kind compliments. it's been a joy to be connected to you after all of these years.

a tout a l'heure

darlin, i won't be far.

Staging your own little protest? I've always loved civil disobedience.

Isn't that always the way? I'll be helming the account attached to this profile through the end of June, so if you'd care to, you're welcome to drop me a line at: dominantdeity (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

saddest girl in the whole world

goodgirl said...

Deity, Sir
To stumble upon such decadency - only to find myself through each written entry - is a gift only a talented observer and author can give another.

Thank you.

cockdoll will miss Deity, Sir.

Urgent Clarity said...

In case you're checking ... I'm missing.

Anonymous said...

I could inhale your words and thoughts for hours. It was a tragedy when I came back here to find an end. Where has the brilliant ONE gone? who now are the lucky to feast upon HIS thoughts? I crave and long for the thoughts and words of "HIM" whom I never knew.

Anonymous said...
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