Sunday, August 23, 2009

Turning it on myself

In the near future, the House of Deity will temporarily relocate across the Atlantic to a famed city i haven't yet had the pleasure to visit. This city is one of the cultural scions for many things, but for my purposes, it plays a significant role in the world of fetish. While it isn't the official reason my girl and i are hopping on an easterly plane, kink will be explored, purveyed, played and even purchased. All of this will culminate in the attendance of one of the world's biggest fetish events, with a particular concentration on one of my three largest fetishes: latex

In preparation to attend this kinky gala, my girl and i have had a lot of fun perusing the ever growing market of latex clothing, in search for an update to her wardrobe. However, there is a kink (wink-wink) in this usually conventional search. Due to the profile this party receives, it must enforce a very strict dress code in order to maintain an immaculate latex orthodoxy. As a result, i've had to acquire a latex costume of my own. This is a first.

For years, i've happily plundered my dough on a rubbery dress or skirt for my female companion to don. In fact, 100% of my attention in any boutique that hawks these garments has been devoted to the "Women's" section. I never cared to look at the male offerings because so much of what i saw was so unappealing. Honestly, the notion of slapping on a full-body latex catsuit did nothing for me - worse, it conjured images of the limitless amateur photos i've encountered of male slaves awkwardly draped in the shiny, cocooning material. I didn't relish the task. My fetish isn't one where i'm the mannequin, but rather where i'm able to make my female counterpart the mannequin. Nonetheless, i received repeated assurance from my overseas connection that we would not be allowed entrance - no matter how incredible my girl looked - if i wasn't dressed in some rubberized fashion.

After much procrastination, we settled on a simple military-themed outfit from Libidex. My how easy it was to find something for her, in fact the more difficult task proved to be settling on just one outfit. We waited for our package to arrive in the mail.

When it finally arrived, greeted first by a burst of the heavy, smoky aroma of latex, we carefully peeled each slithery item from its envelope of tissue paper (which is a must when shipping latex, because unlike other clothing, these delicate items cannot lie against themselves out of fear that they will adhere to eachother). I purposely delayed in examining the shirt and pants we ordered for me, instead insisting on previewing her outfit. When i finally fished out my purchases, i was pleasantly greeted with a handsome plumb-colored short sleeved shirt with a striking military insignia on the arm.

The moment arrived to try it on. Having instructed several girls on the application of talcum powder to their bodies in order to facilitate the tug of these rubbery items over their flesh, for some reason, i felt a stubbornly masculine resistance to doing the same for me. I didn't need soft, slightly perfumed baby powder. My sheer will and determination will suffice. Boy, was i wrong. Not only was it a massive struggle to pull on the incredibly tight military trousers, but the material caught on every single hair on my legs and yanked at them, as if to tear each follicle from my flesh.

Eventually, i got the pants on, and then buttoned up the army shirt, still feeling a little weird to actually be someone putting on latex clothes. Almost immediately, i could feel the effect of the tight, stretch material that cause so many to become latex aficionados. I felt a cool breath on my body everywhere the latex touched, that would eventually warm up against my skin. The tight constriction of the material also had an unexpected appeal. I've worn tight pants before, but because these stretched and smoothed over my body to such an extreme degree, they really felt like they were a part of my anatomy, rather than simply draped over it. When we studied eachother, alternating between the mirror and looking straight at eachother, both me and my girl were excited at how relatively un-freakish we looked. She looked phenomenal in the dress we chose, the slick, liquidy latex flowing over her delicious curves. In many ways, we mutually felt like we had put on superhero costumes for Halloween. All we needed were eye masks to fully conceal our identity.

Even now, as i contemplate the fact that after all these years, i finally own some latex outfit for myself, the idea feels a bit surreal. It's like turning the transformation ray on myself, and sometimes i don't mind that notion, but for the most part that time in my life has passed, and i can't help but feel a little out of place.


Vesta said...

You may recall that in one of my stories Susan complains of her dress code and Edward explains that he too has a dress code; for example, when he attends a formal event and needs to wear a white bow tie.

This is just an extension of that thought really, but I can't help thinking of the efforts you went to, to convince the authorities that you were the exception to the rule.

Giggling her head off...

Marie 'entrain said...

Doesn't it make sense that if you tell the girls to do something for their own protection that it would be wise for you to follow your own advice? LOL, I was laughing so hard when I read this post! I am glad that you decided you liked your new outfit. I hope you and Kitty have fun on your trip! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Deity said...

Go on. Go ahead and giggle ALLLL you want, you little tart. *sigh* I always assume i'm the exception to the rule. I guess i should just enjoy my evening in latex (doesn't that sound strange?)

Well, i'm just soooooo happy i was able to offer you girls laughs at my expense. That latex hurts when it pulls the leg hair! Of course, my girl also was laughing as she suggested that i shave my legs next time - BOOO.

I'm quite fond of the outfit, and as much as a man can look good in latex, i think i pull it off rather well.

David said...

Yes BOO on that because if you are going to shave your legs, then you ought to wear kneepants, and I imagine they don't make those in latex? But it does conjure up an image.

(Have I been talking to Vesta too much?)

Marie 'entrain said...

I think maybe the fact that after all the pain you inflict on others (or encourage my man to inflict on me), the thought of you getting a little in return is something of a reward. :) hehe, and maybe shaving is an extreme, but you might try the baby powder. Maybe you can find an unscented so you don't feel quite so, ahem "girly", using it.

doll said...

You could try corn starch instead. I have heard that talc has been linked to cancer due to is fine particulate nature so an alternative might be worth trying.

Like the others I did laugh at your not taking your own advice. It does however point to your intrinsic masculine nature - not to follow instructions but to have to find out the hard way by doing it yourself.

Deity said...

oh doll,
how wonderful it is to see your name upon my comments wall again. i don't even mind that you shot chocolate milk through your nose as you read this post. it's good enough to know you're still reading my words.

littlegirl said...

I did think this post was funny, but mostly, I thought it was cute. Not sure why, but it just struck me as incredibly endearing more than it struck me as funny.

Deity said...

you make me smile. cute, eh? you should see how flippin tight these pants are on my tush. A man my age shouldn't be wearing such tight-fitting, shiny clothing. Goodness.

Anonymous said...

This was just...adorable. I, too, have been known to instruct and then assume I can be the exception to the rule. The idea of you struggling to man your way into latex tickled me, but the bit about you and your girl looking at one made me feel happy, for some reason. Plus, yall picked some good costumes.

Deity said...

Thanks for your empathy. Each time i've worn the gear, i've said "more powder", but to no avail - it pinches regardless of how much powder you use.

One of these days, i'll be bored enough to post the pic of us two that made it into a fetish mag. She looks great. Me...not so much.