Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Exhibition on training

Someone mentioned to me that i don't put up enough photos, that instead i rely too heavily on words. I can buy that. Words are much easier to own and create, whereas to craft a photo i'd be proud to put up on my site takes resources and talents i do not have easy access to. But, i'm not one to turn down a challenge, so i will try to do a post (following these brief messages, of course) of pure pictoral pontification.*

Nipple training (care of Master Y):

Posture training (care of, with an appearance by Claire Adams):

Limbless training (care of

Patience training:

Proper storage following training (care of and

*My humble thanks to those whose copyrighted material i've used to try to prove my point.


doll said...

I can see that you would simply adore each and every one of these images, conforming to your particular kinks.

They do not however have the craftsmanship that you have with your words. Being instead crude images lacking any aspect of tease. Nylon rather than silk.

Penny said...

I have to agree, these pictures don't have the evocative power of your words. Maybe it's just that, for me, they are a little too real.

Deity said...

you put me to shame with such excellently worded comments. you know, i didn't enjoy the post really all that much. i thought it was kind of a cop-out, myself.

back to the pen for me!

speaking of 'pen'...thank you for dropping by and saying such a nice thing. i did choose particularly vivid and jarring photos. perhaps that adds to the "too real" bit you refer to.

what this actually could serve as is an exercise illustrating the oft mentioned axiom that males respond to images, females to words.

doll said...

I confess, I have looked at the final image a few times. That purple cat suit would I think be absolutely perfect for me and I would adore being so well cared for.

Deity said...

i've looked at the photoset probably more than 30 times. i've watched the video that makes it up another dozen or so - and i STILL get a thrill whenever i look at it.

thank you for your confession. i absolve you of all of your sins. your penance should come in the form of 10 more peeks at the pictures in this post.

Anonymous said...

Looks a little uncomfortable ... my Master would love it.