Monday, February 23, 2009


The human body's existence receives the bulk of most economical, academic and scientific interest - most of that attention gets focused on the behavior of myriad, different receptors whose reaction then dictates the direction or vector the body housing them will move. Marketers utilize imagery, sound and words to stimulate a diverse panoply of reactions that you may or may not be aware of and certainly cannot control. Scientists study the neural patterns that make up the traffic on the information superhighway of our central nervous system just to try to decipher how this wiring determines our well-being and recovery from a trauma to the head. All of us carry inside intricate systems of receiving messages communicated through various methods, and how our bodies respond determines the way we look at the world, others and ourselves. Yet, we haven't the faintest idea how things have the impact that they do.

For instance, i cannot explain what it is about seeing a girl with well-manicured but obviously fake fingernails, but my body has an immediate and visible reaction. I could try to apply a great deal of psycho-babble about how these nails extend her fingers which in turn bring her closer to me, or better they lengthen what is already a beautiful feminine feature (similar to how a heel lengthens the line of a woman's leg), but neither of those explain why and how my body chooses to react to the sight of artificial ungulas. Thankfully, i've been able to surround myself with females who happily take their beautiful digits to a manicurist, not to mention that i don't find the influence from these ornaments inconvenient. What of those stimulants that do produce a response we are not happy with?

'Betrayal' is a word my girl has used. Her body betrays her. My darling girl is by no means a hard-core masochist, and sees pain as a way to challenge and to push her body's limits. When presented with the idea of a spanking, she doesn't leap out of her seat with great glee like she would should i tell her the budget for her next corset. We might be in the middle of a particularly fiery swatting session, and she will snarl over her shoulder at me, "Goddammit!!! That HURTS!!!", punctuated by her feet stomping into the ground (should they be free to move). This, for those keeping score, is not someone who mentally enjoys the pain the corporal punishment slices across her flesh. However, everytime - EVERYTIME, my fine friends - i reach in between her legs at the end of her persecution, her cunt is sopping wet.

"What's this? Evidence of pleasure?"

"N-n-n-nooooo, no it's not! It can't be...i don't understand."

Betrayal...i'd say it's more like what the mind doesn't know can't really hurt it.


Vesta said...

I'm sharing this with you, rather ashamed...

My hands strayed where they should not...permission had not be sought. It wasn't the first time, and I'd been warned several times of the penalty. And, the punishment was across the hands.

I'd long feared it. I didn't enjoy it. I was aghast that it had finally played out. And yet, I was very, very wet. And, the pleasure afterwards was...extraordinarily good.

Now, I don't plan on getting that correction again. And yet...

Anonymous said...

At times I wonder if is a conditioned response in anticipation for what one *hopes* will happen next.

Meta said...

"Betrayal" is the perfect word for it. Like when my Master pinches my nipples, and I'm somehow wet?!

@ better-off-redd, at least for me, it's not a conditioned response.

Anonymous said...

Dear Deity,
You might find this article interesting, and a way to explain the seeming paradox.

Vesta said...

Anonymous: Thank you so much for the link. The article is illuminating and made some wonderful points. But the sentence that made the most sense to me about what women want was:

"Women want to be thrown up against a wall but not truly endangered. Women want a caveman and caring."

I think that sums it up rather nicely.

Anonymous said...

Meta: I think I always expect to enjoy some part of what is taking place. That may have something to do with a sense of trust and security, which ties in neatly with
the article Latebloomer posted the link to. (Thanks!)
And I have to agree with Vesta, that one little paragraph does sum it up nicely.

Deity said...

I'm quite surprised that you chose to share that. The very word "strayed" had me cringing.

Well, in the case of my girl, she doesn't always know what's coming next. Poor thing gets kept in the dark a great deal.

Is just a little pinch all it takes? Or considerable squeezing?

I had come across that article before. Very illuminating. Thank you for sharing it again.

Funny enough, i asked my girl if she felt that way too. She completely concurred.

Meta said...

It's never just a little pinch with my Master. :P

And, to clarify, the anticipation of what comes next and the sense of trust do arouse me. But I know that certain types of physical pain directly lead to that as well.