Sunday, October 31, 2010

The weight

If any of you ever met me outside of the context of this web journal, you might find me to be a very complex fella, complicated with all of my nuances and insistence on the specific way i must alter my environment in order for me to be comfortable. Largely, you wouldn't be wrong with this assessment - except, that is, when it comes to my fetishes. I do not share these with many people i know. Few people who interact with me on a daily basis know how much attention and time i am devoting to thinking about somehow fulfilling my various fetishes. If they did, they would see all those other complexities for what they are - ways to keep me from succumbing to the overpowering affect certain objects have over me.

In a previous post, i wrote about a little windfall of cash that had suddenly, surprisingly arrived into my life. After making sure to take care of all the important causes and people in my life with a portion of this sum, i allowed myself to indulge in purchases that i have been waiting over 10 years to execute. I'm happy to report, i am not dissatisfied in the slightest with the result. I no longer have to fantasize about these kinky implements, nor do i have their absence from my toy chest weighing down on me like a taunting bully.

I'm now ready to disclose what some of the items i got that can now be crossed of my wishlist (i can't list them all, because a few still haven't arrived, and my girl is unaware of what awaits her).

- A pair of black latex opera gloves from Libidex
- An Eroscillator, which is something i've coveted ever since the first time i saw PD using them on his Insex victims.
- And finally, after waiting over a decade, i am now in possession of my very own vacbed

The vacbed:

It is a thing of pure artistry. I ordered it from the amazing folks over at Kink Engineering. I do not get paid to endorse their products (how funny would that be), but i can say, once the device arrived in my house (and it couldn't come any faster), i knew i was in possession of some serious passion and craftsmanship. I ordered the standard lie down bed, with breathing tube. I had them construct the frame for me, and i insisted on the top sheet of latex being baby pink. As many of you may recall, pink and black is a motif that me and my girl often employ in our play. I like the softness of the pink, especially as it relates to turning her into my Barbi doll. And i like how the black contrasts that softness, making a much starker, bold statement.

The amazing thing about this bed, and the reason why i went with King Engineering, is that it has a one-way valve, which means once you suck all the air out of the bed, trapping your victim between two sheets of tight latex, you can turn your vacuum off. And what is left is silence. Pure, delicious, uninhibited silence. This is very important, because part of the point of a vacbed is to create an atmosphere of sensory deprivation. No sight, no touch, no taste, no sound.

For this session, to increase that, i had my girl place earplugs in before she climbed inside (this also helped with what she had reported on our first attempt with the bed of a strange sensation of pressure on her ears as the air was sucked out of the bed as well as the incredibly loud noise of the vacuum cleaner). Once trapped in a tight latex cocoon, i took out the Eroscillator.

I teased her with the device, running it up her rather ticklish sides. She was an immobile prey to my advances, unable to even lift her hand to bat away my prodding touches in her ribcage. I circled her tits, slowly swirling inward towards her nipples. I then traced down her belly, until i reach the trapped folds of her mons. Immediately, she responded, letting out a long, awaited moan of pleasure that came only through the black tube providing her air. I played with her cunt lips, through the tight layers of gentle pink latex. Her hips wanted to press up into the oscillating device, but couldn't. Ever so slightly, i ratcheted up the intensity, switching to each successively higher level. Her moans corresponded with the heightened sensations, growing longer, more vocal. I adored it.

Seeing that i'd reached the threshold for what the Eroscillator could do, i decided to employ a much higher caliber device: the Hitachi Wand. Her reaction to this was immediate. placing it on her thigh, the entombed doll knew just from the vibrations that i'd grabbed her favorite toy. She pleaded through her breathing tube for me to apply it to her moist mound.

"Does barbi want me to put this on her cunt?"

Urgent noises came from the black tube, filled with desire and anticipation. I granted her request and centered the head of the wand right on her gloriously trapped lips. She sizzled with excitement, grinding with as much limited motion as she could muster in her bondage. Ever so often, i'd move the wand away, only to be met with pathetic myews of regret at the sudden absence of stimulating vibrations. I'd ask the encapsulated dolly if she wanted the wand back.

"Barbi wants the wand? Hmmm? I can't understand barbi. I wanna hear barbi beg for the wand."

The poor thing urged for me to put the wand back where it was meant to be. I would re-apply it, only to lift it again from her swollen mound. After several rounds of this, i relented and let her grind against it repeatedly. Multiple minutes later, without any notice, i shut it off.

I left her there to sit in complete statis, allowing the sensations of her entrapment to work their magic. When i felt there had been enough incubating, i released her from the bed. It was my turn to use my toy.